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Technical environment

Technical environment

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Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Fürholzen petrol and service station, Fürholzen, Germany

A petrol and service station illuminated to be seen from afar

A petrol and service station of the future has opened near to Munich, Germany. The station offers a diversity of new fuelling options. The inverse gabled roof seen from afar is illuminated by ERCO.

The Fürholzen petrol and service station is located on the A9 motorway from Nuremberg to Munich. For vehicle fuelling it offers a variety of different fuels ranging from electric and gas to hydrogen. The site also has a shop, restaurant and washroom facilities, and the adjacent parking area also provides parking for more than 250 cars, trucks and buses. The petrol and service station is managed by the Southern Bavaria motorway directorate and operated by Tank & Rast GmbH. The total investment was approximately 35 million euros. Following a construction period of just a few months, the new port of call for travellers was opened on 1 September 2017.

An innovative service station with original character

Sattler Wappner were responsible for the architecture. The defining element consists of a long, curved gabled roof inversely folded upwards and running from the filling area through to the shop, restaurant and terrace. Interior design by the Austrian designers W2 Manufaktur integrates the dynamic shape of the building to translate it into a room-defining element with folded wooden formwork. Traditional Bavarian elements have also been stylishly reinterpreted.

Leather armchairs, tables made of tree slabs and metal plant partition walls for example served as sources of inspiration. An inviting, cosy atmosphere was created despite being reduced to the essentials. Seating areas offer travellers an area of shelter to rest for a few minutes and at the same time provide views into the spacious interior.

An inverse gabled roof as a decorative landmark, set in scene by ERCO

Weiser.Lighting from Troisdorf were responsible for the lighting design, and special focus was placed on uniformly illuminating the underside of the inverse saddle roof. In this way the characteristic feature of the petrol station is emphasised, is visually highlighted when viewed from the motorway and is also pleasantly eye-catching in the expansive landscape. ERCO supplied suitable lighting tools for the outdoor, indoor and entrance areas. In the petrol filling area the roof is illuminated by Lightscan facade luminaires with wide light distribution mounted to supports, a connected load of 48 watts and LED output of 5040 lumens.

Quintessence recessed luminaires were installed in the entrance area with IP65 protection, flood distribution, connected load of 18 watts and LED output of 1890 lumens, and Pantrac ceiling washlights in the indoor area with wide distribution, a connected load of 24 watts and LED output of 2520 lumens.

Rich-contrast lighting of the interior areas with spotlights

The shop is illuminated to attract attention with use of bright-dark contrasts. In this way visitors can easily find their way around and quickly find the right products. Parscan spotlights from ERCO were used with spot distribution.

The eating zone also features accent illumination – a large extractor hood marking the open cooking area is particularly eye-catching. To achieve this effect the lighting designers specified Parscan spotlights, here with flood distribution.

Vine stems with a play of light and shadow via grazing light

Vines were planted along two sections of the timber-clad building facade. The walls are illuminated with grazing light. As soon as the plants have grown and spread across the complete area their leaves will create a highly expressive play of light and shadow. Site ground-recessed luminaires from ERCO achieve this effect.

Luminaires used

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