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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Multifunctional room: Seminar

Multifunctional room: Seminar

Differentiated lighting solutions for talks and presentations

Presentations, talks or seminars held in multifunctional rooms can be diversified and made more memorable using differentiated lighting effects. Typical lighting in such situations places accent lighting on the speaker and is subdued enough on the one hand to allow the projection of brilliant images and transparencies, while at the same time being sufficiently bright for listeners to take notes. For a seminar situation, the room is provided with rows of tables and chairs along with a lectern at the front. Downlights generate ambient lighting. Wallwashers brighten the surroundings to produce a wider impression of the room. Directional luminaires on the pillars and cove lighting on the ceiling add decorative focal glow. A lighting control system ensures flexible adjustment to the usage requirements for such aspects as presentation, plenary discussion or seminar break.

Multifunctional room: Seminar

Overall lighting concept: Discussion

Combining downlights with wallwashers ensures uniform illumination of the room to produce a calm atmosphere. The vertical lighting component gives the impression of spaciousness.

Multifunctional room: Seminar

Overall lighting concept: Projection

During a video film, vertical lighting on the right wall contributes to creating a pleasant atmosphere. The diffuse reflection on the wall softly brightens the room with glare-free light.

Multifunctional room: Seminar

Overall lighting concept: Projection with talk

Rich in contrast, the lighting concept focuses on only a few accents to highlight details in the room and ensure good visibility of both the video projection and the speaker. Using directed light on the lectern, the front wall remains dark for brilliant projections. The grazing light discreetly marks out the walls to avoid an excessively dark atmosphere.

Multifunctional room: Seminar

Overall lighting concept: Main talk

The coloured lighting of the side wall adds impressive effects to the talk. Using a lighting control system, the colour can be adapted to the topic of the talk or even given a dynamic progression.
The lighting of the lectern directs the focus of the listeners on the speaker. White accent lighting further ensures good colour rendition in the ambient coloured lighting.

Multifunctional room: Seminar


Integrated into the ceiling, the downlights with point light sources produce directed light for uniform ambient lighting to provide a good level of brightness for writing, along with brilliance.

Multifunctional room: Seminar


The uniform wallwashing gives the room the impression of spaciousness. Using the lighting control system, the speaker can select light scenes that either illuminate all the walls or darken the front wall for projections.

Multifunctional room: Seminar

Accent lighting

The accent lighting directs the attention onto the speaker. The room itself seems to recede into the background.

Multifunctional room: Seminar

Grazing light

The grazing light on the pillars serves as a decorative element. During talks, the grazing light helps discreetly emphasise the walls with a low brightness level without affecting the projection of images.

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