Kiton store, Milan

The details that infuse menswear with style often reveal themselves only at second glance: a perfect cut, quality materials, meticulous workmanship. Italian high-end fashion label Kiton, which specialises in custom tailoring, has now effectively staged these qualities in its recently opened showroom in Milan.

Despite bridging a height of eight metres, the brilliant LED light in the spacious main hall of the Art Nouveau building reliably directs the customer’s attention onto the suits, shirts and accessories. Exquisite colour rendering, strong contrasts and accent lighting vividly bring out the materials and details of the products.
Next to precise illumination of the products, focus was to be given to accentuating the historic architecture with its imposing skylight and pilasters. Further emphasis was to be on the modern artwork displayed on the walls of a hall that at the same time was to offer an elegant and warm atmosphere.

The lighting designers of Gruppo C14 rose to the challenge of meeting diverse requirements in the Kiton showroom by opting for a brand-new and highly innovative lighting solution courtesy of ERCO: The exceptionally powerful retail spotlight Opton with warm white LED light in 38W and 28W versions and 6-degree narrow spot, 10150mA covers the full bandwidth of lighting requirements of the Italian menswear fashion label. Despite a significant distance between ceiling and products, ERCO’s spotlight with its unusually narrow beam for LED lighting and its high lumen packages excels at illuminating the products with high-contrast accent lighting – a result made possible only by ERCO’s lighting tools. Black lacquered and mounted on tracks, ERCO’s system design thus becomes a stylish architectural feature that effortlessly blends history with modernity.

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