Compact LED. Efficient and economical

Its combination of visual comfort and recess depth is unique. Compact LED breaks new ground in illumination – Compact LED, simply unique.

Highly efficient photometrics

The collimator functions by focusing light rays into parallel paths. Its convex lower lens then creates a rotationally symmetrical light distribution.

Shallow recess depth

In tight mounting situations, every millimetre counts for the right recess depth of a luminaire. ERCO has therefore developed luminaires with a shallow recess depth to provide excellent light quality in areas with limited installation space.

Double wallwasher

The specific light distribution of the double wallwashers efficiently illuminates parallel walls in hallways. The diffuse reflection of the light on the walls simultaneously illuminates the floor area and the ceiling.

Large luminaire spacing for ceiling wallwashing

Efficient photometrics allow specific luminaires to be spaced unusually far apart at up to 1.5 times the offset from the wall.

Structure and characteristics








ERCO lens system

  • Made of optical polymer
  • Light distributions: wide flood, oval flood, wallwash or double wallwash


ERCO LED module

  • High-power LEDs on metal-core PCB
  • Light colours: warm white or neutral white


Anti-glare ring with cross baffle

  • Optical cut-off 30°
  • Plastic, aluminium vaporised, silver, ribbed

Wallwasher reflector

  • Optical cut-off 30°
  • Metal, aluminium vaporised, silver, ribbed, with diffusor on the underside


Mounting ring

  • Covered or flush mounting detail
  • Mounting for ceiling thicknesses of 1-25mm (sizes 3-4) or 1-30mm (sizes 5-8) with covered mounting detail and 12.5-25mm with flush mounting detail
  • Plastic, white



  • Cast aluminium, designed as heat sink
  • 360° rotation


Control gear

  • Switchable, phase dimmable or DALI dimmable
  • Connection cable to luminaire with ferrite core for compliance with EMC requirements

Phase dimmable version:

  • Dimming with external dimmers possible (trailing edge)

New possibilities arise when people break new ground. Compact LED is a previously unseen combination of excellent visual comfort and particularly shallow recess depth. Its different light distributions of wide flood and oval flood enable all-round use in offices and administrative buildings as much as in salesrooms.

The luminaire’s unique oval flood beam lends itself particularly to the illumination of tables and traffic zones. Even broad and uniform illumination of vertical surfaces is possible using the wallwashers. This provides the creative designer with a range of differentiated lighting tools for efficient visual comfort even in areas where compact downlights are required.

Pictures of application

System overview

  • Downlights
  • Downlights oval flood
  • Lens wallwashers
  • Double wallwashers

General lighting

Ambient lighting produced by wide beam light distribution.


Rotationally symmetrical or axially symmetrical, wide beam light distribution for general lighting.

  • LED
  • 8W - 40W
  • 840lm - 5500lm
  • Extra wide flood


For uniform ambient lighting, the spacing (d) between two Compact downlights may be up to approximately 1.5 times the height (h) of the luminaire above the working plane.

Arrangement: d = 1.5 x h

The wall offset should be half the luminaire spacing.

Arrangement: a = d / 2

Product overview

Design data