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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Office lighting with track system

How to design contemporary office concepts

Attractive co-working spaces for creative communities and cool, industrial-style loft offices: new approaches to modern working environments are increasingly taking the place of classic single or open-plan offices. This is not only accompanied by changed needs in terms of design; Flexibility is part of the DNA of modern offices. They must enable agile work and cooperation, be it for individual or group work or else informal discussions over coffee. This in turn requires different workstation constellations that can be quickly adapted to new teams. Particularly in times of hybrid work, desk arrangements and complete office layouts need to be rethought – and, at the same time, the lighting. Flexible office lighting thanks to track systems is the ideal answer to the versatility required in today's modern working environments.

That's Jilly. The perfect light for more flexibility in offices.

Flexible, unconventional and yet standard-compliant office workplace lighting: Jilly downlights for track. Be inspired – discover the most flexible way to illuminate modern co-working spaces.

This is why you should implement your next office project with downlights for track:

Light for flexible office layouts

Flexible and future-proof lighting design
Open co-working spaces can only be as flexible as their infrastructure permits. Changeable furniture layouts mean that the lighting must also be flexibly adaptable. The luminaires bring together the high visual comfort of downlights with the flexibility of spotlights. Instead of being rigidly mounted to ceilings the luminaire sits in a track, and is therefore also ideal for modern loft offices with open bare ceilings. If the configuration of the desks changes the downlights can be repositioned without tools in just a few simple steps. Discover an unprecedented flexibility for your planning of flexible offices.

Light for flexible office layouts

Work more productively through high visual comfort
Qualitative lighting design creates a positive feeling for space and therefore improves the work of each individual. Specifically targeted at individual work areas, light is only used where it is needed. In contrast to conventional LED louvre lighting, less luminaires are required and energy savings of around 50% are the result. The luminaires set workplaces in a pleasant light and achieve good illumination of faces – ideal for online meetings. Wide light distributions provide standard-compliant light for working (UGR<19). Design light that promotes well-being and productive work.

Light for flexible office layouts

Perfect quality of light
For focused individual work, informal discussions in a corner seating area or team meetings: downlights for track adapt to any work situation thanks to simple mounting and flexible repositioning – and without compromises in terms of quality of light. The luminaires feature various light distributions for different furniture arrangements and work tasks, four colour temperatures, a high colour rendering index (CRI), 1.5 SDCM and uniform distribution of brightness. Plan lighting concepts with maximum quality of light.

Light for flexible office layouts

Control wirelessly
The flexible character of downlights for track is also reflected in the control options: the luminaires can be individually switched and dimmed, wirelessly via Casambi Bluetooth. Light scenes for single workstations or group settings in offices can be simply set up and sensors for daylight and motion quickly integrated. You control and programme your luminaires simply with your tablet or smartphone via the Casambi app. Discover new design possibilities with radio control which in the past required complex lighting control systems.

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How downlights for track are the best solution for your office project

Find out why you benefit to the full in your upcoming office project from our track downlights, and be inspired by their versatile application options. Our experts are always happy to support you. Simply contact us!

Best practice: how to flexibly illuminate modern offices

Fabege/Work away from Work, Stockholm

Modern office locations with LED light from ERCO
With "Work away from Work", the Swedish property company Fabege has developed an office concept that goes far beyond the desktop edge of current office and work models. Work is spatially detached from the company office, a new idea that reveals benefits for the individual and for social coexistence. Discover three office locations – equipped with ERCO Jilly downlights for track.

mai public relations, Berlin

Versatile and smart office light
Freely position Jilly downlights and control them via smartphone: The clean loft office of communications agency mai public relations in Berlin-Kreuzberg has gained a new lighting solution from ERCO. Jilly downlights meet all the requirements of contemporary office lighting with LED technology. Outstanding quality of light, smart connectivity and a flexible infrastructure forge an inspiring environment for creative ideas.

Become inspired: ERCO projects with downlights for track

This is how we support you with your project

For the design of modern co-working spaces and offices with track-mounted downlights, we offer wide-ranging advice when selecting and planning suitable lighting tools, product quality at the highest level and highly reliable service even after the project is completed. You benefit from:

  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Cost reductions thanks to energy-efficient LEDs and low-maintenance luminaires
  • A range of products in minimalist designs
  • Intuitive control options
  • Special solutions with "ERCO individual"

Discover three different designs for your office project

Do you have any questions?

Here you can find initial help. If these answers are not sufficient, simply contact us using the contact form below:

Where can I buy ERCO luminaires?

ERCO manufactures luminaires to order. In this way you always receive luminaires with state of the art technology. Our lighting consultants will clarify all details with you concerning the ordering process. You can find your regional contact partner at: Contact

Where can I find planning data and tender texts?

Individual planning data and tender texts for each luminaire can be found as a downloadable file with the article and in the data sheet of the specific luminaire.

How long is the delivery time?

Many ERCO standard products are ready for shipping within 48 hours. Depending on the scope of the project, the quantity and the geographical location of the recipient, the delivery times with shipping are usually only up to two weeks. Delivery times may vary in individual cases, but we will endeavour to meet your desired delivery date. For further information on our delivery times, please get in touch with your regional contact at: Contact

How long do ERCO luminaires last?

Thanks to high product quality and excellent luminous flux maintenance, ERCO luminaires provide a high level of investment security. There is an indicator that also reflects the quality of luminaires in figures: the L90/B10 value. It specifies the assured behaviour of a luminaire in the first 50,000 hours of its service life. At 9 hours of daily operation over 15 years, this means excellent photometric properties. The luminaire is fully functional even after this time. Please note that you may then have to consider the brightness level of the luminaires separately in your lighting calculations.

How long is the ERCO warranty?

ERCO offers a 5-year voluntary manufacturer's warranty on its products. The currently valid warranty conditions are available on request via the e-mail address: guarantee(at)

Where can I get sample luminaires?

We are happy to support you in implementing your lighting concept with sample luminaires. In such cases please contact your regional lighting consultant at: Contact

Where can I find prices for the luminaires?

Do you need an offer for a specific planning task? We would be pleased to prepare an individual project-related offer for you. This, as well as a current gross price list, can be obtained from your regional contact: Contact

Can I get luminaires for track with special colours or other mounting solutions?

We would be pleased to check your individual modification wishes. Please contact your ERCO lighting consultant. Exciting sample projects that we have implemented with special solutions can be found at: ERCO individual

How can we help you further?

You can contact your regional contact partner via:

You can gladly send us an e-mail or ask your question here

Discover further tools, tips and inspiration

Learn more about the use and benefits of downlights for track, select the ideal luminaire for your next office project and discover the latest possibilities of innovative lighting control.




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