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Skim. The compact introduction to perfect light

The low-cost recessed luminaire for office and general lighting


Highly efficient photometrics

With a light output ratio of up to 0.83, the compact lens system of Skim is equally notable for its high efficiency. The special geometry ensures excellent glare control for a low UGR value (Unified Glare Rating) providing ergonomic lighting even for workstations.


Shallow recess depth

In tight mounting situations, every millimetre counts for the right recess depth of a luminaire. ERCO has therefore developed luminaires with a shallow recess depth to provide excellent light quality in areas with limited installation space.


Suitable for workplaces

ERCO develops luminaires on the premise of efficient glare control and high visual comfort. UGR values are provided as an orientation around the current standards. The lighting design particularly for downlights, however, should be based on the individual arrangement of the luminaires in the room rather than on standard values.

Structure and characteristics







ERCO lens system

  • Made of optical polymer
  • Light distributions: wide flood or oval flood


ERCO LED module

  • High-power LEDs on metal-core PCB
  • Light colours: warm white or neutral white


Anti-glare cone

  • Optical cut-off 30°
  • Plastic, white (RAL9016)
  • With covered mounting detail



  • Cast aluminium, designed as heat sink
  • Folding spring fixing for ceiling thicknesses of up to 40mm


Control gear

  • Switchable, phase dimmable or DALI dimmable
  • Phase dimmable version: Dimming with external dimmers possible (trailing edge)

The Skim recessed luminaire offers a discreet lighting solution for any situation requiring uniform illumination with optimum glare control such as in offices and corridors. With its clarity of style and simplicity, the compact point light is an aesthetic alternative to linear fluorescent luminaires which form a dominant grid pattern in the ceiling design. The entry-level product for general lighting, Skim achieves excellent efficiency. And that at an outstanding price to performance ratio. With excellent glare control, it is ideally suited for workplace lighting. The specially developed lens system meets the most stringent photometric requirements, as the magic of the lens will have the observer fascinated. The lens, incidentally, also determines the archetypal design of the luminaire, which is optionally available in black or white. The integrated mounting frame guarantees quick installation at low cost.

Pictures of application

System overview 220V-240V/50Hz

  • Downlights
  • Downlights oval flood

General lighting

Ambient lighting produced by wide beam light distribution.


Rotationally symmetrical or axially symmetrical, wide beam light distribution for general lighting.

  • LED
  • 18W - 28W
  • 1890lm - 3690lm
  • Wide flood


For uniform ambient lighting, the spacing (d) between two Skim downlights should be the height (h) of the luminaire above the working plane.

Arrangement: d = h

The wall offset should be half the luminaire spacing.

Arrangement: a = d / 2

Planning data for download 220V-240V/50Hz

Product overview 220V-240V/50Hz