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Core expertise

Engineering excellence for the light of the future
ERCO develops, designs and produces all the digital lighting tools at its Lüdenscheid base on the southern edge of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area, in an award-winning facility including laboratories, production and offices, that has been recognised for its architectural merits. It was here that ERCO made the strategic decision in 2006 to focus consistently on LED technology – and to draw on its expertise in optoelectronics. This timely decision has taken the ERCO LED lighting technology to an unparalleled level of excellence that combines with an intelligent system design to offer sophisticated solutions for many and diverse applications in architectural lighting. Genuine passion for innovative technology and state-of-the-art architecture was, is, and remains a key component of the ERCO brand. The synthesis of our perfectionist approach to technical detail and our strategic insight into sustainable, sophisticated and user-oriented architectural lighting permeates every aspect of our work. It is defined by a holistic mind-set that centres on close interdisciplinary collaboration with lighting technicians, design and production engineers, and designers. This dynamic dialogue between the ERCO experts manifests itself in highly efficient and agile product development and enables us to drive innovations, regularly launching premium products at a fast pace.

Research and development
As a cosmopolitan company with a global
brand, ERCO keeps its finger on the pulse of the international lighting and architecture scene, allowing us to translate major trends in technology and design into sophisticated lighting tools. Considering that the quality of the lens system has a huge impact on the characteristics, performance and efficiency of an LED luminaire, ERCO sees a focus of its development work on optoelectronics as the interface between optical systems, electronics and information technology. All products are tested in our in-house laboratory to ensure that they meet the highest standards of performance, light quality and longevity. This holistic approach of considering light as a single unit, from the specification of high-power LEDs to the development of lens systems and control gear through to the creative challenges of a targeted design concept for each project, enables us to guarantee a consistently high quality of our products based on state-of-the-art LED technology.

Product design
From the corporate architecture of our factory through to the clear style of our lighting tools and our meticulous corporate image – design has always been at the heart of ERCO’s process. Strong concepts and creativity form the backbone of a design team focused on the creation of a distinct design language for our LED product range on the principles of functional minimalism. At the same time, our team is permanently engaged with advancing our archetypal, modular system principles, whereby aesthetic aspects of spatial design are given the same attention as functional parameters such as efficient thermal management and glare control. Available in several sizes and with different mounting options, the luminaires in the ERCO range offer an appropriate solution for a wide variety of applications as well as spatial settings and dimensions.

Production and assembly
All processes at the Lüdenscheid facility, from electronics and tool manufacturing all the way to polymer production and metal-working, are closely monitored by ERCO experts and consistently optimised to guarantee efficiency and superior quality. Our electronics production is ESD-secure and the controlled reflow process is continuously monitored, for optimised assembly based on a meticulously researched time and temperature profile. The result is products that ensure long life and remarkably low failure rates. The same attention to detail carries through to the in-house production of ERCO track, providing designers and fitters with the best possible infrastructure to support the installation of lighting systems. Our suppliers are just as carefully selected for lasting partnerships built on trust. Working closely as a team, with short distances between development and production, ensures that ERCO customers can rely on our products 100%.

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