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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Our contents are shown to you in English. Product data is displayed for a technical region using 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz.

Downlights for track 

ERCO LED downlights for track bring light into offices with flexibility and high visual comfort: they can be repositioned in the track, for example if the arrangement of desks in an office changes. Good glare control ensures perfect visual comfort. Downlights on track are ideal for flexible general lighting. There are also wallwashers for track that create uniform vertical lighting. Thanks to their special distribution of light, double wallwashers efficiently illuminate the opposite walls, e.g. in corridors.

Downlights for track

Visual comfort in the office

Especially for flexible, standard-compliant office lighting: downlights for track with UGR<19.

Downlights for track


ERCO downlights can be mounted and moved in the track easily without tools.

Downlights for track

Downlights for high rooms

ERCO offers luminaires with up to 9840 lumens for general lighting from large distances. Their long life makes them perfect for installing in high, hard-to-access places.

Downlights for track


Control and programme via app: with technologies such as Casambi Bluetooth, Zigbee and DALI, we always offer you the right interface for your application.

Downlights for track


"ERCO individual" offers a wide range of customisation options – also for track downlights:

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Where can I buy ERCO luminaires?

ERCO manufactures luminaires to order. In this way you always receive luminaires with state of the art technology. Our lighting consultants will clarify all details with you concerning the ordering process. You can find your regional contact partner at: Contact

Where can I find planning data and tender texts?

Individual planning data and tender texts for each luminaire can be found as a downloadable file with the article and in the data sheet of the specific luminaire.

How long is the delivery time?

Many ERCO standard products are ready for shipping within 48 hours. Depending on the scope of the project, the quantity and the geographical location of the recipient, the delivery times with shipping are usually only up to two weeks. Delivery times may vary in individual cases, but we will endeavour to meet your desired delivery date. For further information on our delivery times, please get in touch with your regional contact at: Contact

How long do ERCO luminaires last?

Thanks to high product quality and excellent luminous flux maintenance, ERCO luminaires provide a high level of investment security. There is an indication that also reflects the quality of luminaires in figures: the L90/B10 value. It specified the assured behaviour of a luminaire in the first 50,000 hours of its service life. At 9 hours of daily operation over 15 years, this means excellent photometric properties. The luminaire is fully functional even after this time. Please note that you may then have to consider the brightness level of the luminaires separately in your lighting calculations.

How long is the ERCO warranty?

ERCO offers a 5-year voluntary manufacturer's warranty on its products. The currently valid warranty conditions are available on request via the e-mail address:

Where can I get sample luminaires?

We are happy to support you in implementing your lighting concept with sample luminaires. In such cases please contact your regional lighting consultant at: Contact

Where can I find prices for the luminaires?

Do you need an offer for a specific planning task? We would be pleased to prepare an individual project-related offer for you. This, as well as a current gross price list, can be obtained from your regional contact: Contact

Which luminaires can I use to illuminate from very large distances?

For large lighting distances, luminaires with high luminous flux are required. We recommend selecting luminaires with LED modules from 5000lm upwards. In addition, the narrow spot light distribution (approx. 6°) is suitable for setting high-contrast accents even from large distances.

Which accessories are available for spotlights?

ERCO offers a wide range of accessories for spotlights, for example interchangeable lenses and honeycomb anti-dazzle screens. You will find matching accessories for the specific luminaire on the data sheet. Do you need an accessory for a special application? Please contact us at

Where can I find information on the damage factor when illuminating works of art?

For detailed information on the damage factor and LEDs used by ERCO, see: Download For specific questions, please contact your ERCO lighting consultant: Contact

Can I get luminaires for track with special colours or other mounting solutions?

We would be pleased to check your individual adaptation wishes. Please contact your ERCO lighting consultant. Exciting sample projects that we have implemented with special solutions can be found at: ERCO individual

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