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Technical environment
Technical environment
Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Indoor lighting products

ERCO’s range of indoor luminaires embraces a wide spectrum of different lighting tools: spotlights and wallwashers, track and light structures, recessed luminaires, ceiling washlights and floor washlights. They all share a common guiding design principle of efficient visual comfort.

Track and light structures

No invention since the incandescent lamp has created such a revolution in lighting design as the track. The track effectively liberates light and luminaires from the constraints of rigid mounting. It forms the basis for variable, flexible lighting design that can be adapted to the changing style and use of a space.

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Luminaires for track

ERCO spotlights bring flexible light into architecture: the spotlight is simply rotated and swiveled for optimum alignment. If objects in the room change their position, you can simply remove the spotlight from the track and mount it at a different location. Spotlights are ideal for creating accents, for general lighting and for wallwashing.

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Recessed spotlights, recessed floodlights and recessed wallwashers

Recessed spotlights combine the flexibility of spotlights with the discreet appearance of recessed luminaires. Their main application is accent lighting. Tilt mechanisms allow the luminaires to be aimed both at objects and vertical surfaces. Recessed spotlights are inconspicuous architectural details and can ideally be combined with downlights.

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Recessed luminaires

With recessed luminaires the luminaire is completely subordinate to its lighting effect. The lighting tools are hardly noticed as an additional element of design, being fully integrated into the architecture. The spatial and architectural appeal is revealed in an interplay of light and shadow. Downlights and wallwashers are perfect for high quality general lighting with excellent visual comfort, and adjustable spotlights are ideal for accent lighting.

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Surface-mounted luminaires

The use of surface-mounted downlights is often determined by practical considerations: For example, there might not be sufficient room to install recessed downlights in the ceiling. The decision to use surface-mounted downlights in a lighting concept can considerably reduce installation costs, as in buildings with solid ceilings or in existing buildings.

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Pendant luminaires

Pendant downlights provide economical ambient lighting with high visual comfort and are seen as succinct architectural details. They are often used to highlight particular areas or focal points in a room but also in situations where the luminaire itself assumes the role of an architectural element.

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Task lights

Flexible positioning, glare-free, dimmable – modern workplace lighting fosters a productive working environment with precise light that can be adjusted flexibly to suit individual work habits. Positioned prominently on each desk, workplace lighting is a defining feature in the office, conveying the corporate identity. ERCO LED lighting tools are optimised for maximum visual comfort, reliable optoelectronics and exceptional energy efficiency, with a distinct, space-saving design that reflects the technology.

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Wall-mounted luminaires

Wall-mounted downlights can perform many different functions. Ceiling washlights provide an illumination of the ceiling with a high degree of uniformity. Uplights are designed for optimum efficiency and light distribution. As such, they are ideal for economical indirect lighting. Floor washlights are designed to provide safe illumination of traffic routes.

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Recessed floor luminaires

Recessed floor luminaires are highly visible for two reasons. They are the only light sources present at ground level and the distinctive upward light beam immediately attracts attention. In this respect they also assume some tasks of directive lighting, e.g. by marking pathways or highlighting entrances.

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