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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Our contents are shown to you in English. Product data is displayed for a technical region using 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz.

Recessed luminaires

LED recessed luminaires

With recessed luminaires the luminaire is completely subordinate to its lighting effect. The spatial and architectural appeal is revealed in an interplay of light and shadow. Downlights and wallwashers are perfect for high quality general lighting with excellent visual comfort, and adjustable spotlights are ideal for accent lighting.

Recessed downlights for general lighting

Downlights are ideally suited for the planar illumination of rooms and circulation routes. Downlights from ERCO are characterised by very high visual comfort. ERCO downlights with wide light distributions enable efficient general lighting with large luminaire spacing.

Recessed downlights for standard-compliant office lighting

Light for the office or the co-working space should not only be economical, but also conform to standards. ERCO recessed luminaires with special light distributions for workstations fulfil all the criteria for standard-compliant office lighting with a high level of visual comfort. Recessed luminaires with round, square or linear designs are available for individual ceiling-integrated lighting concepts in administration areas, restaurants, cultural institutes and office buildings.

Recessed downlights for wallwashing

Wallwashers are special lighting tools for the uniform illumination of walls. They enable vertical lighting in foyers, create magical grazing light in restaurants and achieve precise double wallwashing in corridors. Even with wall heights of 8m and more, the brightness distribution from the ceiling to the floor is convincingly uniform.

Accentuating and flooding with recessed spotlights

Directional spotlights are ideal for high-contrast accent lighting in shops, foyers and private homes. As recessed luminaires they blend elegantly into the ceiling and only a small light aperture remains visible. Directional spotlights can be precisely aligned thanks to their pan-and-tilt luminaire heads. Recessed luminaires with wide light distributions illuminate large works of art or entire room areas, thus providing a good impression of brightness.

Features of LED recessed downlights

Wallwashing in all its facets

ERCO wallwashers are the specialists for vertical lighting with wall heights of 8m and more: ranging from uniform wallwashing in foyers and highly attractive grazing light on structured walls to precise double wallwashing in corridors.

Recessed luminaires

Round, square or linear

The design of ERCO recessed luminaires offers almost any light distribution – thanks to lens technology that‘s independent of the luminaire geometry.

Recessed luminaires

Setting magical accents with directional spotlights

Directional spotlights blend almost invisibly into the architecture. They combine the appearance of a downlight with the adjustment capability of a spotlight.

Recessed luminaires

Very high visual comfort

Darklight reflectors or anti-dazzle louvres: both enable standardcompliant office lighting with UGR<19.

Recessed luminaires

Tunable white technology

Just as the outdoor colour temperature changes during the day, the colour temperature of lighting indoors can be adjusted to support lighting concepts for Human Centric Lighting for example.

Recessed luminaires

Luminaires for high rooms

Precise illumination in high rooms with up to 10,000lm: ERCO LED downlights offer high illuminances and outstanding visual comfort.

Recessed luminaires

Extremely durable

Due to their excellent maintenance of luminous flux, ERCO luminaires feature high investment security: L90/B10 with up to 50,000 operating hours. At 9 hours a day, this means over 15 years of low-maintenance operation with outstanding photometric characteristics – ideal for difficult-toaccess installation locations.

Recessed luminaires

Shallow recess depth

In tight installation situations every millimetre is decisive. Just 75mm is sufficient for especially flat recessed luminaires.

Recessed luminaires


Wireless or wired? With technologies such as Casambi Bluetooth and DALI we always offer you the right interface.

Recessed luminaires


"ERCO individual“ offers extensive options for the individualisation of product ranges:

Do you have any questions?

Here you can find initial help. If these answers are not sufficient, simply contact us using the contact form below.

Where can I buy ERCO luminaires?

ERCO manufactures luminaires to order. In this way you always receive luminaires with state of the art technology. Our lighting consultants will clarify all details with you concerning the ordering process. You can find your regional contact partner at: Contact

How long is the delivery time?

Many ERCO standard products are ready for shipping within 48 hours. Depending on the scope of the project, the quantity and the geographical location of the recipient, the delivery times with shipping are usually only up to two weeks. Delivery times may vary in individual cases, but we will endeavour to meet your desired delivery date. For further information on our delivery times, please get in touch with your regional contact at: Contact

How long do ERCO luminaires last?

Thanks to high product quality and excellent luminous flux maintenance, ERCO luminaires provide a high level of investment security. There is an indicator that also reflects the quality of luminaires in figures: the L90/B10 value. It specifies the assured behaviour of a luminaire in the first 50,000 hours of its service life. At 9 hours of daily operation over 15 years, this means excellent photometric properties. The luminaire is fully functional even after this time. Please note that you may then have to consider the brightness level of the luminaires separately in your lighting calculations.

How long is the ERCO warranty?

ERCO offers a 5-year voluntary manufacturer's warranty on its products. The currently valid warranty conditions are available on request via the e-mail address:

Where can I find prices for the luminaires?

Do you need an offer for a specific planning task? We would be pleased to prepare an individual project-related offer for you. This, as well as a current gross price list, can be obtained from your regional contact: Contact

How can I see which ERCO luminaire I have?

Each luminaire is provided with a label which specifies the article number (e.g. 1042002.000). You can enter this number directly when searching on – the corresponding luminaire will be displayed. In the case of recessed luminaires for example you can see the label when you remove the reflector. If in doubt, contact your regional lighting consultant at

Where can I find the dimensions for the ceiling cut-out?

A dimensioned drawing and the required ceiling cut-out can be found on the data sheet of the luminaire. Recessed luminaires are available in several sizes.

Where can I find information about the recess depth?

Recessed luminaires are available in several sizes. Click on the desired article to obtain the data sheet with the drawing and specification of the required recess depth. For small luminaires, the space required may be larger than the actual dimensions of the luminaire. This second dimension then corresponds to the height required to put the control gear through the ceiling cut-out.

Which luminaires are suitable for Human Centric Lighting?

Just as the colour temperature outside changes continuously over the course of the day, the colour temperature with indoor applications can be adjusted with tunable white technology. In this way lighting concepts such as Human Centric Lighting can be supported.

Welche Lichtfarben gibt es bei der tunable white-Technologie?

Luminaires with tunable white make it possible to adjust colour temperature from warm white to cool white. Some luminaires with tunable white provide light colours from 2700K up to 6500K.

Are the luminaires supplied with control gear?

Yes, all ERCO recessed luminaires are supplied with control gear. This is the only way to ensure optimum compatibility between the luminaire and the control gear.

Can I request recessed luminaires as special luminaires with a different control or mounting solution?

We would be pleased to check your individual modification wishes. Please contact your ERCO lighting consultant. Exciting sample projects that we have implemented with special solutions can be found at:

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