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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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ERCO new products 2024|1

Axis showcase lighting – for big magic on a small stage

No more compromises with the display of showcases, dioramas or small, filigree exhibits with light: Axis is a system consisting of miniaturised recessed luminaires and light heads for mounting on stems that in terms of quality seamlessly connect to ERCO’s trusted museum lighting solutions.

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OptecNew – the durable, universal talent

Durable and adaptable at the same time: the new generation of our top-selling Optec combines these characteristics to achieve maximum sustainability. The proven, high-efficiency lighting technology is supplemented by a design aimed at durability thanks to high quality components. The system of interchangeable optics and suitable accessories provides limitless flexibility of use, now and well into the future.

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Downlights - Now up to 149lm/W

A high system luminous efficacy of >100lm/W is a prerequisite for funding schemes in many countries. Skim has been synonymous with economical ambient lighting for many years. Now, the affordable ceiling luminaire boasts even higher efficiency in its recessed and surface-mounted variants.

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Quinta - Recessed spotlight with darklight lens

Quinta recessed spotlights go just as well with Quintessence or Atrium downlights as Eclipse or Uniscan spotlights. Quinta has the same mounting rings as the downlights and the same darklight lenses as the spotlights, thus providing quality of light and visual comfort at the highest levels. In this way, integrated general lighting, accent lighting and wallwashing can be elegantly realised, for example in lobbies or in the café of a museum. The darklight optics and matching accessories make Quinta extremely versatile.

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Tesis - Ground-recessed luminaire for outdoors in a highly compact size

Tesis ground-recessed luminaires attract a particularly high level of attention to the outdoor space due to high visual comfort. A choice of different distributions such as alignable ground-recessed spotlights, uplights and wallwashers means you always find the right lighting tool for your application. For all outdoor projects requiring very small luminaires, Tesis round is now available in size 2 and with five light distributions.

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Uniscan - The spotlight for galleries with the highest standards

Suitable for all applications – Uniscan is available in three sizes from XS to M: the spotlights thus range from a highly unobtrusive, miniaturised size to a versatile all-rounder even for high rooms. "Light instead of luminaires" in its most discreet form, precise light distribution and flexible in the choice of beam characteristics – Uniscan is equipped for the complete diversity of gallery needs.

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Invia 48V - The modular light structure

Lines lend dynamism to architecture and emphasise spatial dimensions. ERCO combines the continuous line with a fully comprehensive toolbox of light distributions. This makes Invia 48V a light structure that impresses as a linear design element and fulfils any lighting task.

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