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Technical environment
Technical environment
Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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ERCO outdoor lighting

LED outdoor luminaires

The ERCO outdoor lighting range offers perfect visual comfort thanks to LED luminaires. ERCO outdoor luminaires also provide the optimum and therefore effective lighting technology for a wide range of nuanced outdoor application situations, ranging from facade and path lighting to the illumination of bridges, sculptures and railway stations.

Projectors, floodlights and wallwashers

Spotlights in outdoor applications provide effective lighting. With different sizes, light distributions and a wide range of lumen packages, smaller objects can be illuminated just as impressively as monumental facades. Projectors are ideal for high-contrast accentuation without spill light. Floodlights and wallwashers achieve the uniform illumination of surfaces – even from long projection distances and under difficult installation conditions.

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Façade luminaires

Vertical surfaces in the urban space contribute significantly to the spatial impression of squares, street axes and buildings. From the point of view of perception psychology and design, facade lighting is thus an important element in urban night lighting. Facade luminaires create grazing light, and optionally with uplight, which emphasises the surface structures of the facade. Facade luminaires are available with different downlight distributions: With wide distribution, facade luminaires alongside walls or buildings illuminate with high uniformity and over a large area, so that only a minimum number of luminaires is required. The narrow distribution is ideal for illuminating squares or terraces.

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Bollard luminaires

Successful path lighting with ERCO bollard luminaires is characterised by the fact that it fulfils design tasks as well as functional needs. In this way, the paths and open spaces of museums, office buildings or hotels extend a warm welcome to visitors and guests. Bollard luminaires with 180° and 360° distributions allow large luminaire spacings and greater design flexibility in the choice of luminaire positioning. In bollard luminaires, ERCO Dark Sky technology prevents light from escaping above the horizontal plane – the light is guided solely onto the ground – for perfect visual comfort and a dark night sky.

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Recessed luminaires

Atriums, cantilever roofs, passages and bridges require recessed luminaires for ceiling installation that meet the demands made on outdoor luminaires. ERCO recessed luminaires for outdoor applications are protected against dust and water jets and offer various distributions ranging from downlight and directional to wallwashing. Recessed luminaires feature corrosion-resistant aluminium housings and long-life, low-maintenance operation.

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Surface-mounted luminaires

As with indoors, quite pragmatic considerations determine the use of ERCO surface-mounted luminaires in outdoor applications. The decision in favour of lighting concepts with surface-mounted luminaires considerably reduces the installation complexity, for example in the case of solid ceilings or on beams for example. Surface-mounted luminaires are ideal for use in railway stations, airports, passageways and atriums. ERCO surface-mounted luminaires for outdoor use feature the same quality of light as luminaires for indoor applications. Surface-mounted luminaires feature corrosion-resistant aluminium housings and, with IP65 protection, are completely weatherproof.

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In-ground luminaires

Ground-recessed luminaires enable you to achieve a particularly high level of attention in the outdoor space. Luminaires installed on the ground as well as the direction of light from bottom to top is unusual and therefore particularly striking. Illuminate landmarks such as bridges, facades and subways with ground-recessed luminaires. A choice of different distributions such as alignable ground-recessed spotlights, uplights and wallwashers means you will always find the right lighting tool for your application. ERCO ground-recessed luminaires are especially robust and suitable for harsh outdoor conditions thanks to corrosion-resistant in-ground housings. The high IP68 protection rating, possible loads of up to 20kN and longitudinally watertight connection cables enable long-life, low-maintenance operation.

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