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Munich Airport, Terminal 2

In a large project such as Munich Airport’s new Terminal 2, service, advice and logistics are just as important as the performance and quality of the lighting tools themselves.

Munich Airport, Terminal 2
Munich Airport, Terminal 2

Capacity bottlenecks, in the airport that was only opened in 1992, were relegated to the past - for the time being at least - when the new Terminal 2 became operational in June 2003. The consortium project of Flughafen München GmbH and Deutsche Lufthansa AG, which doubles the passenger capacity with one fell swoop, is located to the east of the existing passenger area and is directly connected to the "Munich Airport Center" (MAC). In contrast to the existing Terminal 1, the new terminal does not feature a modular construction but instead consists of a central hall and a pier of about a kilometre with 114 gates.

Munich Airport, Terminal 2
Munich Airport, Terminal 2
Munich Airport, Terminal 2

Commissioning such a gigantic complex required general-staff planning. This included extensive test runs where Lufthansa employees had a go at being passengers. On one such occasion, our photographer Frieder Blickle took the photos shown on this page. While the finishing touches were still being made to the check-in desks, the ground staff were already testing emergency scenarios. With success: the regular operations started without a hitch. For the first time ever, airline and airport operators design and build a terminal together: the Lufthansa and its partner airlines now profit from the optimal conditions created by the new building.

Munich Airport, Terminal 2
Munich Airport, Terminal 2
Munich Airport, Terminal 2

Ceiling installation in Terminal 2: ERCO supplied over 14,000 Lightcast Downlights to site on a just-in-time basis. In the course of the project the following recognition crystallised amongst those involved: the economic efficiency of a lighting tool is determined not only by the price but also by factors such as easy installation and the quality of the service and the logistics. Especially where projects on the scale and complexity of Terminal 2 are concerned, it is the direct communication and optimised information flow between the building sponsors, architects, technical designers and suppliers that are becoming the crucial factors.

Munich Airport, Terminal 2
Munich Airport, Terminal 2
Munich Airport, Terminal 2

The "Media Rail" runs above the check-in desks; this is a structure that integrates the lighting, cabling and media technology. ERCO T-16 luminaires for fluorescent lamps are mounted in the "Media Rail". Their Darklight reflectors have parabolic cross baffles for optimal visual comfort. The area behind the row of desks receives indirect light from Parscoop ceiling washlights for 70W HIT-CRI metal halide lamps.

Munich Airport, Terminal 2
Munich Airport, Terminal 2

How do I get to the lounge please? Keep following the blue LED orientation luminaires (photo on right). Good lighting also provides a pleasant atmosphere in the other areas too: the blown-up decorative photos with aviation motifs almost seem to be self illuminating thanks to the Lightcast recessed ceiling wallwashers.

85326 München
Tel.: +49 89 975-00
Fax: +49 89 975-5 79 06

Involved on the project
Architect: Koch + Partner, Munich.
Electrical engineers: Pro-Elektroplan, Ottobrunn
Installation: ARGE Bauer Elektro GmbH + Co. KG, Buchbach, and Elektro Kreutzpointner GmbH, Burghausen

Facts and figures

Passenger capacity per year: 25 million
Transfer time: 30 mins.
Developed area: approx 2,100,000 m³

central hall: 230m long, 160m wide, 30m high
pier 980m long, 30m wide, 18m high

Floor areas:
total floor area: 260,000 m²
containing following utility areas:
central hall: 15,000 m²
waiting lounge area: 28,500 m²
baggage claim: 11,000 m²
lounge area: 3,100 m²
shops: 10,000 m²
restaurants: 8,000 m²

Check-in facilities:
total desks: 124

quantity: 114

Aircraft parking positions:
total: 75
around the building: 28
positions with airbridges: 24
positions for regional aircraft: 4
positions on the apron: 47

Baggage conveyors:
quantity: 7
overall length: 520 m

Security door systems: 26
passport control desks: 54
ticket desks: 24
transfer desks: 40
lifts: 70
passenger conveyors: 26
escalators: 71
multi-storey overground/undergound car park: 6,400 spaces

Cost in EUR:
incl. infrastructure facilities: approx. 1,500 million

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