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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Punta della Dogana

Past, present and future: Tadao Ando has transformed the historic building into a museum for contemporary art, making it fit for tomorrow thanks to sustainable lighting technology.

Punta della Dogana
Punta della Dogana

This former customs building had been closed to the public for over 30 years when art collector François Pinault, looking for a second site for his art foundation, drew up plans to give a new lease of life to the early industrial architecture. From the outside, you can hardly tell the building has been renovated. Inside, Ando accentuated the original structure of the building with its division into five halls. The centre of the building features one of Ando's signature designs: an inserted concrete cube with minimalist, clear lines and polished surfaces. Paths, galleries and stairs all connect up to this "building within a building", thereby providing access and structure to two levels of exhibition space.

Punta della Dogana
Punta della Dogana

The lighting concept, comprising the components daylight, artificial ambient lighting and accent lighting, ensures efficiency and visual comfort on several levels. Automated roller blinds modulate the daylight coming through the skylights and the side windows. A DALI system controls downlights and wallwashers with fluorescent lamps.

In addition to the halls where the original ceiling height was retained, Ando created further exhibition space on a second level in the larger part of the museum. This enables the curators to use galleries with a more intimate character.

Punta della Dogana
Punta della Dogana
Punta della Dogana

The artificial lighting component, comprising Lightcast downlights with compact fluorescent lamps for ambient lighting and Parscan spotlights with metal halide lamps for accent lighting, is adjusted to match the colour of the daylight. Midipoll wallwashers for fluorescent lamps ensure uniform vertical illuminance. A DALI control system dims the downlights and switches the spotlights as groups using DALI switching actuators.

Architecture as an exhibit. Opting for Quadra wallwashers, the lighting designers used uniform vertical illuminance to emphasise the uniformity and aesthetics of the wall surface as a structural element

Opening hours:
Mon-Sun (except Tue): 10am-7pm

Building data

Tadao Ando, Tokyo

Lighting design:
Ferrara e Palladino Associati (Pietro Palladino, Cinzia Ferrara, Paolo Spotti, Cesare Coppedè), Milan

Restoration/site management:
Dottor Group, San Vendemiano

Exhibition area:

6th of June, 2009




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