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Technical environment
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ERCO new products 2018

Our aspiration to improve the effect of rooms and their quality of stay with light is shown by the new ERCO product spectrum 2018.

Our innovations once again provide lighting designers with diverse options for creating highly qualitative surroundings and simultaneously handling resources in a caring way. Wide distances within high rooms and the demands for flexibility in modern office surroundings pose no problem for our new lighting tools. To also enable complex projects to be reliably planned, we have not only refined our reliable luminaire ranges but also supplemented them with new lighting tools. For example, pendant luminaires with tuneable white LEDs and Compar Square surface-mounted luminaires have been added to the Compar recessed luminaires. We have summarised the most important new products and features for you here.

A linear look with even more performance:
Compar recessed luminaires with 24 LEDs and up to 9840 lumens

The Compar system of recessed luminaires offers light distributions in a striking, linear luminaire design that until now was limited to round or square ceiling cutouts. This enables new design possibilities in offices, public buildings, restaurants and museums. The versions with 3, 6 or 12 LEDs now gain a new version with 24 LEDs and up to 9840 lumens that is especially suitable for very high rooms or mid-sized room heights needing particularly high levels of luminous flux, e.g. office workplaces.

The simple path to perfect light:
Compact surface-mounted luminaires with versatile, high quality lighting technology

High quality surface-mounted luminaires are the right choice in rooms with solid ceilings and also for simple modernisation purposes. For office spaces and many other applications in the management sector and public buildings, the Compar Square range offers compact surface-mounted luminaires that blend elegantly into the architecture thanks to their extremely flat, square housings. As indicated by the name, the lighting technology is akin to the Compar recessed luminaires. Compar Square is optimised for office workplaces with high visual comfort and also improves levels of cost efficiency in circulation areas and foyers due to wide distances between luminaires.

Linear lighting appearances – flexibly in the room:
Compar pendant luminaires for modern worlds of work and minimalist architectural lighting

Pure understatement – the new Compar pendant luminaires have an extremely discreet look with a slender, suspended profile. The light effect itself is placed to the fore, and this impresses with two linear downlight modules in each luminaire along with an optional uplight component. The indirect light of the uplight component creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room, available on request with the variable "tuneable white" light colour. This is ideal for example with concepts aiming to bring the rhythm of daylight into offices.

Tuneable white:
More quality of stay for offices

Tuneable white technology makes it possible to change the light from a warm to a cool colour in the room. The tuneable white function makes the ambience pleasanter, particularly for office situations, where large amounts of daylight enter at midday and in the evening dimmed lighting is preferred. Cool light colours in the morning and at midday have an energising effect on employees. Warm-toned light in the evening on the other hand supports relaxation. Compar pendant luminaires feature tuneable white technology for pleasant work atmospheres in offices.

Flexible light for future-safe, flexible office concepts:
Skim downlights for track

Specifically for the needs of today's dynamic worlds of work, a new, unique class of lighting tools has been developed in the form of Skim downlights for track – as flexible as spotlights and as simple and efficient as downlights. Using the tried-and-trusted LED lens optics from the Skim range, they feature high levels of visual comfort optimised according to the application, and enable the lighting to be adapted at any time to changing office structures or layouts.

These overcome the distance in a square:
Stella spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers for special requirements

LED has now conquered most sectors of lighting technology. With the new Stella spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers, ERCO now drives forward the borders of what is possible just a little further: these are especially high-luminosity, efficient and precise tools for architectural lighting that with their high lumen output also easily cope with large distances and extreme ceiling heights.

Special lighting concepts for shop lighting demand special tools:
Gimbal recessed spotlights and floodlights for on-location ceiling channels

Light, not luminaires: which lighting concepts comply with this requirement better than light sources concealed in ceiling channels or coves that place the light effect with its inherent sense of magic in the foreground? ERCO meets this demand technically with a new series of recessed spotlights that brings together special mounting brackets enabling flexible mounting in ceiling channels with high-performance lighting technology and the compact cardanic suspension of Gimbal recessed spotlights.

Transforming large rooms into great light architecture:
Quintessence double focus downlights and wallwashers

In the Quintessence recessed luminaire range the term double focus represents special lighting tools optimised for use in high rooms that have especially high visual comfort requirements. For this purpose, high-performance LED lens systems for precise light distributions are combined with a black anti-glare cone. ERCO is now expanding its existing range with higher lumen-output downlights and special wallwashers that achieve especially uniform vertical illumination with very high walls and low distances to the wall.

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