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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Benetton megastore Kärntner Straße

The new megastore of Italian fashion brand United Colors of Benetton in Vienna is presenting itself in an aesthetically and technically innovative fashion - illuminated throughout by ERCO's LED lighting tools.

Benetton megastore Kärntner Straße
Benetton megastore Kärntner Straße

The megastore of Italian fashion label Benetton on Vienna's Kärntner Straße is one of two stores in Austria's capital city. Both have recently been redesigned throughout and, in the interest of sustainability and attractive appearance, have been given a new lighting system - solved entirely with LED lighting tools from ERCO.

The magnificent historic face of the corner building is attractively illuminated by Grasshopper LED projectors to underline the rhythm and ornamentation of the façade. Inside, customers are surprised with a contemporary, minimalist interior which forms an attractive contrast to the building's outward appearance; products and customers are the main characters here.

Benetton megastore Kärntner Straße
Benetton megastore Kärntner Straße
Benetton megastore Kärntner Straße

The tool of choice at Benetton is Logotec. Specially developed for LEDs, the new spotlight with its diverse light distribution patterns from narrow spot to wide flood and oval flood through to wallwash can be used universally and flexibly when mounted on ERCO's classic 3-circuit track - in the shop window, but also anywhere on the shop floor.

The reduced, flat form of Logotec is a discreet expression of innovative LED technology. With connected loads of only 13W they, for instance, replace low-voltage projectors at 50W. The light sources have an exceptionally long life, ensure excellent colour rendering, and thanks to the Spherolit lenses only available from ERCO are highly efficient with very little spill light.

Benetton megastore Kärntner Straße
Benetton megastore Kärntner Straße

Logotec LED spotlights make a convincing argument in retail applications, but not merely due to the high quality of their light and their modern feel; also because of their economic efficiency. Compared to conventional lamps, their energy savings potential includes such other factors as low maintenance and a reduced thermal load, which all contribute to a favourable end result when contemplating the "total cost of ownership".

Kärntner Straße 43, A-1010 Vienna & Mariahilferstrasse 151, A-1060 Vienna

Operator/Client: Marc & Tino Wieser, MTM Textilhandel GmbH, Vienna

Interior and lighting design:
Marc & Tino Wieser, MTM Textilhandel GmbH, Vienna
MVD Austria, frank, rieper architekten, Vienna/Graz
Interior & CI designer: Vincenzo De Cotiis, Milan

Electrical installation: EPW Peter Wanke GmbH, Lainergasse 1, 1230 Vienna




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