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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Lighting Durability: long-life luminaires for sustainable lighting solutions

To preserve our environment, we need to use resources responsibly and avoid waste. We do so by developing durable luminaires that meet our customers’ needs over the long term. Lighting Durability is our development goal1 which states that all newly developed ERCO products are designed for a service life of at least 20 years2,3.

20 years of service life1

Luminaires designed for a service life of 20 years2,3: with durable luminaires and the adaptability of our lighting solutions to future usage scenarios, we ensure that resources used remain in their highest value-added stage for as long as possible. In buildings that are designed to operate for many decades, this also cuts the costs for maintenance4 and follow-up investments.

Our luminaires are developed, tested and built3 for long-term operation over 75,000 hours2. To ensure that this remains the case, we have stipulated a service life of at least 20 years3,5 for all new developments in our ECO design factory standard1.

20 years of carefree operation3

Designed to make maintenance irrelevant: our objective is to develop luminaires that will last 20 years with little or no maintenance4. This is why we continuously invest in advanced technology, long-life components and in-house developed ERCO optoelectronics.

This is what makes our spotlights like Optec durable

  • Perfect compatibility between in-house manufactured control gears, LED modules and lenses ensures the longest possible service life

  • Fits into any ERCO track and adapters are tested to be repositioned up to 1,000 times

  • Proven: Field-tested materials for over 20 years

  • Always adaptable: Change to another light distribution at any time

This is what makes our 230V tracks durable

  • High-quality and extremely stable aluminium: loadable up to 38kg over 2m - no bending

  • Load tests show that ERCO wire rope suspensions can withstand 50% more weight than required by the norm

  • Identical interface for decades and compatible with new and older spotlights

  • ERCO adapters are tested to be repositioned up to 1000 times

This is what makes our downlights like Iku durable

  • Long-life LEDs with L90/B10: After 50,000 hours of operation, at least 90% of the LEDs are still close to their original luminous flux

  • In-house developed and produced control gear and LED modules for maximum compatibility

  • Optimised thermal management ensures stable operating temperature for continuous operation

  • We develop and manufacture LED modules and lenses ourselves for a harmonised optical system

This is what makes our projectors like Beamer durable

  • Lens housing made of corrosion-resistant cast aluminium

  • Double powder-coated: Protected against environmental influences

  • The fitting is tested for stability in a load test with a multiple of the luminaire's own weight

  • Extremely resistant: the housing and fitting are made of durable Grivory®

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20 years of carefree operation3

Today’s high-quality high-power LEDs exceed an operating time of 75,000 hours and, at daily operation of about 10 hours, also a service life of 20 years. Our goal is to achieve this longevity in all components and thus to develop luminaires that will last 20 years with little or no maintenance3. The latest generation of ERCO control gear, for example, is already designed for 75,000 hours of continuous operation.

In-house developed LED modules

We source the best LEDs available on the market from reputable manufacturers. ERCO development specifies them according to strict criteria regarding luminous efficacy, colour rendering and constancy, luminous flux as well as forward voltage. Thanks to LED modules developed and manufactured in-house, we can usually produce new LED boards for your existing luminaires even after many years and, where necessary, replace old LED modules with new ones.

In-house developed control units

Thanks to electronics developed in-house and the in-house production of our control gear, we can ensure replacement for many luminaires: For example, in the unlikely event of a failure or in the course of an LED module replacement, which usually also involves the use of the latest generation of control gear with improved properties, such as higher efficiency.

In-house developed optoelectronics

The quality of the optics significantly influences the effectiveness of an LED luminaire. High-performance and precise optical systems reduce the energy needed for lighting, which is why we attach particular importance to first-class lens systems. High visual comfort is also based on ERCO's expertise in optoelectronics, ranging from LED PCBs and electronics to thermal management. Our aim is to develop, manufacture and assemble optics, mechanical and electronic components ourselves. Only in this way can we guarantee the highest quality standards.

20 years of service life1

A service life of 20 years for new developments3,5 is based on development principles1 that have been applied at ERCO for decades. We are guided by the typical refurbishment cycles of commercially used properties. With an illumination period of about ten hours per day, 20 years correspond to an operating time of 75,000 hours. Over this period, the function of the luminaire is supposed to be maintained under normal use and remain maintenance-free4 as far as possible.

Planned for long-term operation – raw materials and components of the highest quality

ERCO develops and manufactures the housings, mechanical components, LED modules, optics and, where possible, control gear itself. We select the required raw materials and components according to the highest quality standards. We use LEDs that are characterised by their high luminous flux retention, colour location stability and long service life. The same applies to the reliability of the electronic components in our control gear. For our lenses and luminaire housings we use special resistant plastics with excellent photometric and long-lasting surface properties.

Tested for long-term operation1 – proven in practice and in the laboratory

When developing our luminaires, we attach great importance to high-quality components and a well thought-out product design. We use and improve many constructive solutions, materials and technologies over a long period of time. Their longevity is therefore proven via field tests under real-world conditions. In addition, independent test centres and our own laboratories check that our products permanently meet the requirements in operation. In addition to material resistance to environmental influences such as humidity, temperature and UV radiation, we also test its mechanical stability. Our track adapters, for example, are already designed in such a way that spotlights may be repositioned weekly over 20 years.

Built for long-term operation – in-house development expertise

Only a precisely coordinated lighting system consisting of optics, LED module, driver and heat sink guarantees that a luminaire’s components operate at the optimum operating point at all times. Due to in-house development, ERCO has control over all properties. ERCO luminaires are therefore not only durable, they are also particularly efficient with a consistently high performance.


  1. As part of its development, ERCO analyses the use of its products for 20 years in an average usage environment corresponding to the respective luminaire category. The appropriate requirements are created by selecting suitable materials, applying empirical values from previous products, laboratory tests, endurance tests and certifications.

  2. The service life of 20 years (= about 75,000 operating hours) targeted in the development approach presumes standard use of the product, compliance with state-of-the-art maintenance intervals and, for each year of use, a period of illumination of about 10 hours per day over 365 days.

  3. The statements "20 years of carefree operation", "service life of 20 years" and "Developed, tested and designed for a service life of 20 years" do not constitute a durability guarantee undertaking for our products over 20 years and do not exclude the possible need for repairs or service within this period. The actual service life depends on the specific operating conditions and the operating environment. Statutory warranty provisions remain unaffected.

  4. Actual maintenance depends on the specific operating conditions and the operating environment.

  5. A service life of 20 years service presumes a period of illumination of about 10 hours per day over 365 days x 20 as well as standard use of the product appropriate to the product and compliance with state-of-the-art maintenance intervals.




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