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How to create perfect displays: ERCO contour spotlights with completely new possibilities for galleries and museums

Create magical lighting effects for paintings with framing. We show you what matters with contour spotlights.

Curators and lighting designers define framing, or lighting with the use of contours, as defined beams of light that precisely illuminate exhibits in galleries and museums. The background, usually the wall, remains in the dark, thus creating a beguiling and magical impression. Conventional contour spotlights only fulfil this single lighting task though, and are inflexible for further applications. ERCO has developed a solution for this conundrum with its Eclipse contour spotlight. Professional spotlights for galleries and museums feature the flexibility of changing the light distribution without tools. This means that in no time at all, a luminaire with framing functionality is transformed into a spotlight with round light distribution – and vice versa.

To achieve flexible exhibition lighting solely with contour spotlights, pay attention to:

  • Future-proof thanks to interchangeable light distributions with one handed operation
  • Special light distributions for short and long distances
  • Perfect rendering of colours due to a wide selection of light spectra
  • Flexible use with tunable white and RGBW
  • Sizes and lumen packages to match the exhibit
  • Simple handling

Eclipse has the complete range of features of an excellent contour spotlight. This offers you planning reliability in galleries and museums, for example if you require flexible lighting concepts due to changing exhibition scenarios.


Why you should use Eclipse contour spotlights for your next museum project:


Flexible as never before: flood today, framing tomorrow
Exhibition concepts change, and thus also the demands made on the lighting. Be prepared for this and transform your Eclipse luminaire into a framer in next to no time. Simply replace the optic and change the light distribution from e.g. uniform flooding to framing.


Perfect framing even from a very short distance
Illuminating large pictures with sharply defined light distribution has never been easier. With the size 'M' Eclipse contour spotlight you can easily illuminate a picture with a width of 1.40m from a distance of 2m. This has the smart advantage that a sufficiently high illuminance is achieved, less electricity is required and fewer luminaires need to be used.


Create contours
Eclipse contour spotlights achieve good contours especially with large pictures. Straight edges without colour gradients and a uniform distribution of brightness make the contours perfect. And even when you shine the contour spotlight on a white wall.


Simple handling
Operating the slide controls is intuitive and allows you to precisely set square or rectangular lighting areas. Using one hand, the framing attachment can be steplessly rotated so that you can align the light beam perfectly to the picture – the second hand stays free to ensure a secure hold of the ladder.


Save operating overheads with efficient contour spotlights
Eclipse contour spotlights achieve high illuminance even with small luminaire sizes. To crisply illuminate a picture with 50lx from a distance of 4m, you only need 8.2W in size S.


Use the existing track for framing
Eclipse contour spotlights also work at close range. This means that lighting designers can simply continue to use track that have already been installed. The classic spacing of the track from the wall of about one third of the room height is entirely adequate. A new track is not necessary for perfect framing.

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This distinguishes our Eclipse contour spotlights


Framing even in tunable white and RGBW
Adjust the light spectrum ideally to the exhibit with tunable white. Create scenographic lighting concepts with up to 16 million colours with RGBW. With Casambi Bluetooth, control all of this simply by swiping on your smartphone.


You stay flexible: framing as an accessory
Conventional contour spotlights are often inflexible because the framing optic is permanently assembled in the luminaire. With Eclipse, the framing attachment is available both with the spotlight itself and as a separate accessory. This gives you unprecedented flexibility because you can simply transform any ERCO Eclipse spotlight into a fully-fledged


Up to 3x larger imaging area compared to conventional contour spotlights
The double projection lens produces a very small focal distance and thus a projection image up to 3x larger than previous contour spotlights. This is perfect for illuminating a large artwork even from a short distance with just one contour spotlight.


An important detail: Light-tight housing
Framing only has a magical effect when the light source remains almost invisible and the artwork has the appearance of radiating from within. ERCO Eclipse contour spotlights have a closed, light-tight housing. In this way you avoid disturbing light reflections on the ceiling and direct the visitors' gaze to the work of art.


Contour spotlights from small to large
Find the right framer for both small and large works of art. With Eclipse, choose from three sizes with LED modules from 3W (279lm) up to 37W (3920lm). Eclipse 48V offers you the additional option of create exciting framing effects with a miniaturised low voltage system.


Framing with 30 spectral nuances
Select the perfect combination of light colour and colour rendering for your artwork. Thus our LEDs with 3000K CRI 97 achieve the perfect rendering of colours. Choose from 6 white light spectra. You can create 24 additional nuances by combining with accessory filters. You can even dynamically adjust the light colour and change it at any time with tunable white and RGBW.

How to correctly set your framer

Hands-on: the best contour spotlight of its kind

Matthew Cobham, Global Cluster Manager for Culture, shows you how easy it is to adjust the new Eclipse contour spotlight. As a result, fascinating effects are achieved in which the illuminated pictures seem to glow from within – ideal for galleries and museums. But see for yourself!

Soon available: the new narrow framing light distribution is perfect for small pictures and long lighting distances


Contour spotlights with narrow framing light distribution are particularly suitable for high rooms with long distances between the luminaire and the artwork

Become inspired: ERCO projects with contour spotlights

Configure your Eclipse contour spotlight

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