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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Axis showcase lighting

Axis showcase spotlights

For big magic on a small stage

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Sample Axis for your exhibition spaces

Axis offers the flexibility demanded by complex exhibition projects in galleries and museums. Simply contact us to book a consultation.

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free of charge and without obligation

Only the best light is good enough for unique exhibits. With Axis, ERCO sets new standards in terms of lighting quality for display case lighting. Reproduce colours without distortion, highlight special details and set impressive accents. Axis shines the light on precious exhibits - for big magic on a small stage.

ERCO quality of light

The benchmark for best light quality in the showcase

Precisely illuminating

From above and from below - recessed or on a stem

Simple, flexible

Magnetic light heads, interchangeable lenses and filters

Bring the perfect light into your showcases

Axis meets all requirements of sophisticated showcase lighting: Highest light quality, versatile mounting options and interchangeable lenses and filters.

Without obligation and free of charge on site

The new benchmark for LED quality

Valuable exhibits in showcases are deserving of only the very best light, which is why we select our LEDs according to highest quality standards. Axis exceeds market standards in terms of luminous flux maintenance, chromaticity and colour rendering.

  • Even after 50,000 operating hours, our LEDs continue to operate without any noticeable loss of brightness (L90/B10)
  • Perfect and uniform appearance: At 1.5 SDCM, we guarantee a particularly precise colour location
  • The LEDs are characterised by excellent colour rendering with up to CRI 97

3 interchangeable light distributions

Set up light with precision on site: 3 interchangeable lenses allow light distributions to be changed without tools. For strong accents ranging from spot (17°) to wide flood (45°) for larger light cones.

Developed for sensitive exhibits

Axis meets strict conservation requirements to protect exhibits. Free of UV light and with an extremely low damage factor of 0.140 - 0.187mW/lm, Axis is suitable for illuminating sensitive exhibits.

Infinitely dimmable to 1%

Axis allows for infinite illuminance adjustment: At a distance of 0.5m, a single light head reaches up to 450lx and may be dimmed down infinitely to 5lx. Neutral density filters individually reduce the illuminance of single light heads.

Adjust the light: Filters and dimming elements

Filters, snoots and honeycomb louvres as accessories allow for the precise adjustment of light to your application.

Showcase lighting in the system

Light where you need it. With three different mounting options, you will be able to illuminate your exhibit precisely and easily add accessories where required.

Stem-mounted luminaire base scene

Flexible mounting on the stem

Luminaires on a stem are ideal to illuminate exhibits from top to bottom from different perspectives. Stem-mounted luminaires can be put on the floor or on the ceiling of the display case. The light heads can be tilted by up to 270° and rotated 360°.

Up to 3 light heads possible

In case of floor mounting, you will be able to magnetically attach up to 3 light heads to operate them on a single stem. Extension light heads (accessories) have magnets at both ends.

Adjust height variably

Adjust the stem length (min. 64mm - max. 306mm) on site and lock it via thread.

Surface-mounted luminaire base scene

Direct mounting

Use flexible lighting via direct mounting on the showcase floor or on the showcase ceiling. The light heads can be rotated through 270° and tilted through 230°.

Expand with light heads

Use flexible lighting via direct mounting on the showcase floor or on the showcase ceiling. The light heads can be rotated through 270° and tilted through 230°.

Light from above and below

Suitable for a variety of different exhibits: With the mounted version, you will be able to illuminate downwards from the showcase ceiling as well as upwards from the floor.

Semi-recessed luminaire base scene

Discreet semi-recessed installation

For particularly elegant and minimalist applications, use Axis in the semi-recessed version.

3 different mounting frames

Use semi-recessed luminaires in 1-fold, 2-fold or 4-fold mounting frames (accessories).

Pan-and-tilt adjustment

Rotate the luminaire by up to 360° and tilt the light head by up to 140°.

Magnetic, practical

Customise Axis for your lighting situation. With extension light heads that are simple to attach and detach magnetically. No cables. No tools.

Well thought out and tested down to the last detail

Axis is more than just a showcase luminaire. Axis is a comprehensive toolbox for highlighting sophisticated exhibits in showcases. These features make Axis even better to use.

Hot-plug with the Axis control gear

The control gear is perfectly matched to Axis. This allows for simple magnetic attachment or detachment of light heads during operation.

Rotating and tilting

Thanks to magnetic connections, the light heads can be rotated by up to 360°. They can also be tilted to illuminate exhibits perfectly.


Flexibly control Axis via smartphone using Casambi Bluetooth or dim the light directly on the control gear. An Axis control gear can also be controlled via DALI using a gateway (accessory).

ENEC and UL certified

We have had Axis independently tested and ENEC and UL certified. Axis meets all the necessary design requirements of the standards and is therefore the only showcase lighting on the market that is ENEC and UL certified.

Complementing each other perfectly: Axis and ERCO 48V spotlights

  1. Precise accents with Axis

    Optimal accentuation from short distances with Axis. Larger distances or higher illuminance levels are handled by 48V spotlights such as Eclipse or Parscan.

  2. Uniform wallwashing with 48V spotlights

    Particularly large showcases allow for vertical lighting for the uniform staging of exhibits. 48V wallwashers are the right choice here.

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