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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Our contents are shown to you in English. Product data is displayed for a technical region using 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz.


The art of illuminating

Eclipse sets new standards in lighting technology

The lighting of museums – and other projects with similar requirements such as those in the luxury retail segment – places the highest demands on lighting tools. The interchangeable lens units with darklight lenses not only create a magical impression with only one light point. They also offer precise, uniform light distributions and wide flexibility in the choice of beam characteristics: ranging from miniaturised lighting in confined spaces with Minirail 48V track and wall washing in picture galleries to the display of large exhibits in halls and atria. An extensive range of accessories round off the system – and Eclipse also offers innovative connectivity solutions using wireless standards such as Casambi Bluetooth and Zigbee.

Eclipse in three product ranges

Would you like a very small luminaire on miniaturised track? Are you looking for a luminaire with an elegant Intrack adapter? Would you like to directly use Eclipse in your existing system? To be able to respond ideally to your needs, we have developed Eclipse in three different variants. With the three versions Eclipse 48V, Eclipse InTrack and Eclipse we offer the right concept for every application.

Eclipse 48V – Elegant with small track

Small spotlight dimensions

Combination with the Minirail 48V track

Eclipse InTrack – In all wattages and connectivity options

Five sizes

Extensive control options

Power supply unit elegantly concealed as InTrack in the 220-240V track

Eclipse – Optimised for existing systems

Transadapter for existing dimmable systems for combination with existing spotlights


Light for small and large dimensions

Eclipse is available in five sizes – optimised for different applications. To come even closer to our maxim of "light instead of luminaires" we have significantly miniaturised the luminaire dimensions of Eclipse size XS to a diameter of only 32 mm.

Size XS

Ideal for small exhibits and shop windows as well as for private use at very short distances

  • 32mm
  • 205lm / 2W – 371lm / 3,1W

Available in the following Eclipse ranges:

Size S

Perfect for sensitive exhibits and room heights up to 3m

  • 60mm
  • 286lm / 3W – 1485lm / 12,2W

Available in the following Eclipse ranges:

Size M

Ideal for versatile use in museums and shops with room heights up to 5m

  • 92mm
  • 357lm / 4,1W – 2598lm / 21,4W

Available in the following Eclipse ranges:

Size L (available from first quarter of 2021)

Ideal for impressive displays of exhibitions with room heights up to 8m

  • 130mm
  • 1071lm / 12,4W – 3920lm / 30,1W

Available in the following Eclipse ranges:

Size XL (available from first quarter of 2021)

Ideal for very high rooms such as atria and airports

  • 145mm
  • 1428lm / 16,5W – 6539lm / 51,5W

Available in the following Eclipse ranges:

  1. XS
  2. S
  3. M
  4. L
  5. XL

Eclipse 48V

for Minirail 48V track

Eclipse InTrack

for 220-240V track

Eclipse OnTrack

for 220-240V track

DALI dimmable
Push Dim
Phase dimmable
Zigbee 3.0

Eclipse 48V

for Minirail 48V track


Eclipse InTrack

for 220-240V track

Eclipse OnTrack

for 220-240V track

Implement your project with Eclipse

We are glad to help with your lighting design

Select a service:

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free of charge and without obligation

Your data will be handled confidentially. For further information see Data protection declaration.

Magical darklight lens for highest visual comfort

Eclipse projects light with its darklight lens as precisely as a camera lens focuses light. ERCO thus sets new standards in architectural lighting. The interchangeable darklight lens offers lighting designers maximum flexibility and observers maximum visual comfort.

  • Magical effect due to uniform light emission surface
  • The optical cut-off of up to 60° ensures maximum visual comfort and glare-free light enjoyment
  • Precise light distributions for point-precise illuminances with no spill light

Everything from accenting to wallwashing

In-house developed optics exploit the full potential of efficiency and quality of light. The lenses guide the light with maximum precision, precisely defined light beams and high illuminances onto the target surface. From crisp-edged accen-tuation to uniform wallwashing – the complete bandwidth with just one luminaire range.

Narrow Spot 5°

0,27m at illumination
distance of 3m

Spot 18°

0,95m at illumination
distance of 3m

Flood 32°

1,72m at illumination
distance of 3m

Zoom Spot 17°-67°

0,90-3,97m at illumination
distance of 3m

Zoom oval 25° x 65° – 62° x 68°

1,33 x 3,82m-3,61 x 4,04mm at illumination
distance of 3m

Framing 40°

2,18m at illumination
distance of 3m

Wide flood 51°

2,86m at illumination
distance of 3m

Extra wide flood 79°

4,95m at illumination
distance of 3m

Oval flood 19° x 63°

0,98 x 3,68m at illumination
distance of 3m

Oval wide flood 55° x 83°

3,12 x 5,34m at illumination
distance of 3m


The best contour spotlight with larger imaging area

The new Eclipse contour spotlight generates a very sharply defined light beam. As a result, fascinating effects can be created where crisply illuminated pictures appear to glow from within – ideal for museums and galleries.

This distinguishes our Eclipse contour spotlights

Even larger imaging area

The double projection lens produces a very small focal distance and thus an even larger projection image than previous contour spotlights.

Light-tight housing

Thanks to the closed housing, no unintentional reflections are created in the room and towards the observer.

Sharp contours

Eclipse achieves sharp contours especially with larger artworks.

Maximum efficiency

Eclipse achieves high illuminance even with small luminaire sizes. To crisply illuminate a picture with 50lx from a distance of 4m, you only need 8.2W in size S.

Simple handling

The intuitive pulling out of the framing attachment enlarges the projected area. In addition, the complete luminaire head can be rotated.

Tunable white and RGBW

With tunable white and RGBW you can even adapt the colour temperature individually to the artwork or create scenographic concepts with up to 16 million colours.

Also available as accessories: contour spotlights

With the contour spotlight attachment as an accessory, a spotlight can be converted into a flexible contour spotlight at any time.

Creating size and brightness with wallwashing

ERCO has designed Eclipse wallwashers for maximum demands regarding outstanding quality of light. Also noteworthy is their new lighting design flexibility: both luminaire spacing and distance to the wall can vary – perfect for projects with challenging conditions.

  • Light starts very high up on the ceiling
  • Horizontally: very high illuminance uniformity
  • Vertical uniformity enables the wall to appear bright over the entire height
  • Large luminaire spacing reduces the investment costs
  • Perfect visual comfort due to very good glare control
  • Modifiable colours also possible with tunable white or RGBW

Perfect wallwashing even in difficult situations

Wallwashers cannot always be positioned on the ceiling in accordance with general planning recommendations, due to beams in the room or air conditioning technology that need to be considered. The new generation of wallwashers enables very uniform light distribution for different luminaire spacings. With a room height of 6m, the luminaire spacing can vary from 1m to 3m. Compared to previous wallwashers, the luminaire distance can vary by +/- 50%, with comparable quality of light on the wall.

Variable wall distance

Eclipse wallwashers are suitable for installation close to walls. With a room height of 6m, the new wallwashers can move up to 1.5m away from the wall. Compared to conventional wallwashers, the new Eclipse wallwashers can reduce the distance to the wall by up to 25% with identical quality of light.

Select from:

  • 6 spectra from 2700K to 4000K and up to CRI 97 and a further 24 spectra via conversion filter
  • Tunable white from 2700K to 7500K
  • RGBW with over 16 million colours

Lenses and filters as accessories:

  • +/- shift of colour temperature
  • Optimised colour rendering ideal for museums and shops

6 light spectra for any application

Eclipse gives you the perfect combination of light colour and colour rendering. 3000K CRI 97 is the right choice for the perfect rendering of colours. Maximum energy efficiency is achieved with 4000K CRI 82. Four conversion filters create 24 additional spectra from six LED light colours.

Nuanced displays with tunable white

Tunable white enables you to perfectly illuminate art and merchandise and ideally emphasise colours. Warm white light colours are suitable for materials with warm tones whilst neutral or cool white light colours are ideal for cool materials.

RGBW luminaires for coloured lighting design

LED-RGBW luminaires enable selection from over 16 million colours and pastel tones. A special optic achieves completely uniform, colour shade-free mixing – ideal for the coloured display of exhibits and merchandise.

Need any further information?

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Light control in the digital age

Decide for yourself: from simple switching to the wireless programming of light scenes with Casambi Bluetooth or Zigbee – Eclipse gives you the complete range of options. Multi Dim enables you to dim Eclipse with DALI, Push Dim or via phase. On-board Dim gives you the opportunity to additionally adjust the bright-ness on the spotlight yourself, for example to set illuminance to a fixed value with sensitive works of art. What do you prefer?

On-board Dim

Dimming via rotary control on the luminaire


- DALI dimmable
- Push Dim
- Phase dimmable
(leading edge, trailing edge and universal dimmer)

Three control modes in one control unit. Adjust the brightness via phase dimming or Push Dim, or alternatively via DALI in a DALI track.

Casambi Bluetooth

Control luminaires wirelessly via Bluetooth using a smartphone or tablet without additional hard-ware. Individual switching and dimming, setting up light scenes and integrating sensors – everything is possible with Casambi Bluetooth, including control via DALI.

Zigbee 3.0

The wireless Zigbee radio standard is ideal for integrating into building automation systems and smart home networks. Simply control luminaires via smartphone and tablet and take advantage of the extensive control functions.

Add-on control unit – the new connectivity interface

On-board Dim

Rotary control on the luminaire for manual dimming.

Casambi Bluetooth + DALI via Gateway

Wireless switching, dimming and programming via Casambi Bluetooth with a smartphone or tablet – also for RGBW and tunable white. Connect your Casambi Bluetooth luminaires wirelessly to a DALI Gateway (accessory) and control them in this way with your DALI system.

Zigbee 3.0

Wirelessly integrate your luminaires into your building automation via the Zigbee add-on control unit and a gateway.

Further design options – with Eclipse photometric accessories

  • Diverse options for additional light distributions, adapted spectra and greater visual comfort
  • Tool-free mounting of accessories
  • Accessories are combinable: supplement your light distribution with up to 3 components
Replace the light distribution of your spotlight for another one without tools
Modulate the light distribution with lenses
Modify the light spectrum with filters
Achieve even more visual comfort with antiglare elements

Eclipse in the application

Whether as a tunable white solution in museums, as a miniaturised spotlight in display cases, as a spotlight mounted at a large height or for brilliant accenting in the premium retail sector – Eclipse consistently meets all the requirements placed on a modular spotlight system.




Planning light

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