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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Quinta: The recessed spotlight with Darklight lenses


The recessed spotlight with Darklight lenses

Quinta recessed spotlights go just as well with Quintessence or Atrium downlights as Eclipse or Uniscan spotlights. Quinta has the same mounting rings as the downlights and the same Darklight lenses as the spotlights, thus providing quality of light and visual comfort at the highest levels. In this way, integrated general lighting, accent lighting and wallwashing can be elegantly realised throughout, for example in lobbies or in the café of a museum.

Because not all light is the same

Good architectural lighting puts the focus on people and their visual tasks. This presupposes precise light control. With ERCO Darklight lenses, this precise light also becomes magical. While the light emission surface in the ceiling remains almost invisible, Quinta projects its light with pinpoint accuracy onto the target surface. For even better visual comfort, high-contrast accents and perfectly illuminated walls. Because light is not just light.

Light brings architecture to life

  • with uniform wallwashing for emphasising room dimensions
  • with unobtrusive integration of luminaires into the ceiling appearance

Light magically highlights art

  • with precise beams of light illuminating with pinpoint accuracy
  • with 8 interchangeable distributions always offering an optimum solution
  • with filters and lenses for precise modelling

Light supports healthy vision

  • with luminaires offering perfect glare control thanks to ERCO Darklight technology
  • with ideal selection of light colour at any time of day via tunable white
  • with precise alignment of the pan-and-tilt luminaire head

Darklight technology: Magical light from the ceiling

  • Magical appearance thanks to a uniform light emission surface
  • The optical cut-off up to 40° achieves maximum visual comfort and glare-free lighting enjoyment
  • Precise distributions for pinpoint accuracy , with no spill light

This is what distinguishes Quinta quality of light

Changing light distributions

Quinta has different distributions that you can change in next to no time. This way, your lighting concept remains future-proof: switch between the distributions without tools.

Modelling with filters

Even more design flexibility with accessories: model the spectrum and distribution with filters and soft focus lenses.

Changeable light colour

Ideally adapt the light colour to the lighting task: ERCO tunable white has consistently high colour rendering exceeding CRI 90. Available from 2024.

Control made simple

Dim down to 0.1%? Via DALI or via Casambi Bluetooth? All is possible, and more besides.

Implement your project with Quinta

Allow us to approach your new project together

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free of charge and without obligation

Your data will be handled confidentially. For further information see Data protection declaration.

Select from eight distributions

From accent lighting with 5° narrow spot and elongated 19° x 63° oval flood light beams to perfect wallwashing with wallwash lenses, a total of eight different distributions are available, all of which, apart from narrow spot, can be changed without tools.

Narrow spot 5°

0.27m at 3m lighting distance

Spot 18°

0,95m bei 3m Beleuchtungsdistanz

Flood 32°

1.72m at 3m lighting distance

Wide flood 51°

2.86m at 3m lighting distance

Extra wide flood 79°

4.95m at 3m lighting distance

Oval flood 19° x 63°

0.98 x 3.68m at 3m lighting distance

Oval wide flood 55° x 83°

3.12 x 5.34m at 3m lighting distance

Uniform wallwashing

Forwards, backwards, pan and tilt

To enable you to precisely align the light, for example with new exhibitions or changed visual tasks, Quinta can be rotated through 360° and swivelled through 30°.

Four sizes for different applications

  • With four sizes and different lumen classes, Quinta is the ideal solution for a variety of lighting tasks.
    Size 3, ideal for room heights up to 3m
    Ø 113mm
    2.1-3W / 272–382lm
  • Size 4, ideal for room heights up to 5m
    Ø 142mm
    3.1-12.4W / 382-1528lm
  • Size 5, ideal for room heights up to 8m
    Ø 177mm
    4.2-21.6W / 481-2673lm
  • Size 8, ideal for room heights above 8m
    Ø 255mm
    12.6-30.3W / 1443-4035lm

Simple mounting, minimalist look

Quinta comes with a covered mounting detail that can be fitted without tools. Mounting rings (available as accessories) enable flush ceiling installation for a particularly discreet ceiling appearance.

Adapt light with accessories

Recessed spotlights have never been so versatile. Modulate the light distribution by changing the lens or combining it with filters and anti-glare elements.

Diversity ideally integrated

More than just a recessed spotlight. Quinta is the multitool in the ceiling. Four sizes from 113mm diameter, interchangeable distributions and additional filters provide suitable light for any of your lighting tasks. Thanks to the pan-and-tilt luminaire head, you can always precisely align the light.

Greenology: Sustainably developed

ERCO Greenology is our approach to sustainability. We combine ecological responsibility with technological expertise to make the construction of luminaires resource-friendly, the technology durable and the light efficient, and thus as sustainable as possible.

100% recycled aluminium

Our value creation process follows the principle of circular economy. We also stipulate this to the suppliers of our raw materials. For example, the diecast aluminium for the heat sinks of our luminaires is made of 100% recycled material.

No spill light, no wasted energy

The measure "lux per watt" stands for effective lighting and thus for luminaires that project their light with high precision onto the target surface. Only in this way is the expended electrical energy used sustainably. Quinta combines this principle with excellent visual comfort.

Simple modernisation

Would you like to replace ERCO recessed downlights using conventional lamps with efficient LED recessed spotlights such as Quinta? Then simply replace the luminaire body – the ceiling installation detail and electrical connections can continue to be used as before.

Stands out
and blends in

Lighting tools entirely according to your needs. Match Quinta perfectly to your interior design and combine the recessed spotlight with downlights and track spotlights from the ERCO range.

Colour of choice?

Make Quinta an integral part of your interior design. With ERCOindividual, we offer you over 10,000 colour variants. Ask now!

Combine with other ERCO luminaires

The ERCO range is based on a system concept. Thanks to uniform diameters and mounting frames, Quinta recessed spotlights can be used together with recessed downlights such as Iku, Atrium and Quintessence. Uniscan and Eclipse spotlights also use Darklight lenses and thus look similar to Quinta.

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