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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Sample Uniscan for your exhibition spaces

Uniscan offers the flexibility demanded by complex exhibition projects in galleries and museums. Simply contact us to book a consultation.

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A minimalist and multi-talent for gallery and museum lighting

For all those striving for perfect gallery lighting: Uniscan offers impressive quality of light thanks to Darklight technology and tunable white creates an ideal colour impression for excellent enjoyment of art. You can control Uniscan intuitively via Bluetooth and the light can be changed at any time. The miniaturised spotlight integrates discreetly into the gallery space, always giving precedence to the art.

Wallwashing base scene
Accentuation base scene
Framing base scene

Uniform wallwashing visually expands the dimensions of the space and creates a factual, objective backdrop. Smaller galleries thus gain in scope and expanse, and the exhibits and space appear as one.

Set contrasting accents. Uniscan illuminates art with maximum precision and sets exhibits in the best possible light.

Art that seems to radiate from within. The Uniscan contour spotlight illuminates exhibits with a sharply defined beam of light, thus leaving backgrounds such as the wall in the dark.

Bring perfect exhibition lighting into your gallery

Whether precise accentuation, crisp framing or uniform wallwashing: direct the light with maximum precision thanks to self-developed optics and accessories, even with temporary exhibitions.

Without obligation and free of charge at your location!

Magical darklight lens for highest visual comfort

  • Magical effect due to uniform light emission surface
  • The optical cut-off of up to 60° ensures maximum visual comfort and glare-free light enjoyment
  • Precise light distributions for point-precise illuminances with no spill light

This is what distinguishes Uniscan

Discreetly integrated

With a diameter of 32mm, Uniscan is suitable for accentuating very small exhibits through to the wide-area illumination of large-format artworks

Perfect colour coordination

Tunable white allows you to adjust the spectrum continuously and thus perfectly match light and art. RGBW also offers 16 million colours and pastel shades.

Intuitively controllable

Dimming at the spotlight or by radio? The interchangeable add-on control unit also allows you to retroactively switch between control types.

Future-proof thanks to accessories

Use lenses and accessories such as glare control and louvres to precisely adjust and model the light distribution according to your needs.

  1. XS

    Perfect for small exhibits and display cases as well as for use at short distances up to 3m.

    ⌀ 32mm

  2. S

    Ideal for sensitive objects and room heights up to 3m

    ⌀ 60mm

  3. M

    Optimal for versatile use in galleries and boutiques with room heights up to 5m.

    ⌀ 92mm

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