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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Museo Musac, León, León, Spain

A modern transition to LED lighting

Musac Museum León: Flexible lighting that adapts to architectural challenges

All museum spaces of the Musac Museum in León got a transformation of lighting from Halogen to LED. The museum already had a light infrastructure with ERCO tracks, which has been an advantage in terms of compatibility with the incorporation of the new ERCO lighting systems.

The biggest challenges of the project were the architectural features of the building. Designed by the prestigious Mansilla + Tuñón Arquitectos studio in 2005 and awarded the European Union's Mies van der Rohe Prize for Contemporary Architecture, the museum has ceiling heights from 16 feet (5 meters) up to 24 feet (7.5 meters). This represents a compromise between the necessary power in terms of luminous efficacy and the maximum reduction of energy consumption. In this sense, the project manages to reduce the connected load by 75%, going from 100W for each halogen luminaire to 25W of the new Eclipse OnTrack spotlights with latest-generation LED technology.

Another challenge of the project was the arrangement of the tracks in the beams of the roof structure. This made it necessary for the lighting to be very flexible to compensate for the position of the luminaire. By installing spotlights with extra wide flood light distribution, we achieved a high level of uniform lighting with an 81° angle .

Museo Musac, León
Museo Musac, León

The mounting height of the luminaires, between 16 feet (5 meters) and 24 feet (7 meters), allows projections of more than 26 feet (8 meters) in diameter. Thanks to maximum precise optics, light can be directed only where it’s needed – for the most effective use of light in terms of lx/W. By using spotlights with zoom optics, the light can be adjusted to the surface to be illuminated precisely. And by the wireless dimming system, one can set the light level for each luminaire conveniently via a smartphone, avoiding the use of a ladder.

The contribution of natural light from outside in some spaces makes it necessary to carefully choose the color temperature of the luminaires to achieve a good coexistence between indoors and outdoors. The 3500K of all Eclipse spotlights achieve a harmony between the exterior light and the greyish tones of the concrete and the floor of the building.

Museo Musac, León
Museo Musac, León
Museo Musac, León

Luminaires used

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