Forms of presentation in shops

Light sells

Invisible itself but unarguably effective – light supports and promotes sales. Contrasts in brightness attract the view of customers and effects of brilliance render interaction with products irresistible – an important step in the decision to purchase. Within the wide diversity of brand concepts a variety of different strategies have now established themselves in the creation of individual shopping experiences using light. With a nod to minimalism, the luminaires almost completely disappear from the field of view and just a few light accents are sufficient. With decorative concepts, striking luminaire designs are becoming increasingly important although effective accent lighting remains indispensable for the showcasing of merchandise. Urban concepts also integrate accent lighting, but with a significantly more technical look at the lighting installation as an inherent part of the corporate design.


Minimalist architecture

A purist interior, discreet colours and simple details serve to tone down the visual stimuli within the space to make way for the striking display of merchandise. With this approach, store owners intelligently create a contemplative oasis for relaxing shopping. The calming impact of wallwashing or individual accents together with discreet mounting methods such as the flush-mounting of luminaires consistently support this minimalist aspiration.


Decorative interiors

Rich details with furniture, accessories and in the colour surroundings trigger diverse associations. Brands make use of these elements to create individual narrations for their customers. With decorative interiors the focus is shifted from pure product offers to a more unique and sensuous world. Product displays and hierarchies in perception are discreetly implemented using precise lighting tools. Luminaires blend unobtrusively into the ceiling in the form of spotlights in ceiling channels for example, or as directional spots. More noticeable for customers on the other hand are decorative light effects or nostalgic luminaires for storytelling purposes.


Urban retail spaces

Making the location of a shop tangible, places shopping experiences within their historical or urban context. The interior design aims neither for unemotional minimalism nor for opulently decorated accessories. An emphasis on the existing, perhaps historical wall material and visible technical details such as air-conditioning purposefully contribute to the raw and authentic atmosphere. Visible track, luminaires and cable routing are some of the typical features of urban retail concepts.

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