Oncology Centre, Dillingen

Oncology Centre, Dillingen

In times passed, when medical practices were primarily designed with a focus on a sterile, clinical appearance, today’s health facilities are increasingly recognised by their homely interior. The Oncological Centre in Dillingen, Germany and headed by Professor Dirk Hempel was planned in the best possible way to try to help patients feel at ease throughout their treatment. The Opton spotlight with its precise, brilliant light creates a bright and pleasant atmosphere that lifts the low ceilings and creates visual space.

Continual progress is being made in improving chemotherapy in treating malignant tumours. Greater effectiveness no longer comes at the cost of harsher side-effects, and treatment can easily be delivered as an outpatient service. This has led to a rise in demand for day clinics, oncological treatment centres and equivalent facilities. The Oncological Centre in Dillingen is one of several branches of the Oncological Centre based in Donauwörth and is headed by Professor Dirk Hempel. Services provided here include diagnostics, therapy and follow-up treatment for tumours and blood diseases. In many cases, the patients come from the surrounding area and can be treated in a familiar environment. “Our primary concern,” it says on the Oncology Centre website, “is to treat tumour patients near their homes, focusing especially on personalised and patient-focussed care in a pleasant atmosphere.”

Clinic interior with a homely character
The Oncological Centre is accommodated in a building which, a while ago, was remodelled inside by interior design office Büro Kolb from Augsburg / Stadtbergen. The aim was to create a setting that would enable patients to relax and be less concentrated on the treatment process. “The facilities are designed in a bright and friendly style,” the website at onkologiezentrum.com notes, “offering a pleasant atmosphere for patients staying at our day clinic.” The centre has a remarkably cosy feel for a medical institution. The interior designers opted primarily for natural materials like wood, and warm colours, such as orange. Seating clusters with wing chairs and side tables create an almost residential setting. Accessories such as cushions, vases and other accessories enhance the overall image.

Re-lighting contributes to friendly atmosphere
The clinic’s interior was recently enhanced by a new lighting concept. Ambient lighting, it was decided, was to be provided by ERCO Opton spotlights. Due to the relatively low ceilings at the Oncological Centre, this product tipped the scales with its very low unit height yet high lumen packages. The walls are illuminated using the wallwash distribution, giving the rooms a brighter and more spacious feel. Key areas such as the waiting zones and treatment sections are accentuated using flood, wide flood and oval flood options and warm white LEDs emphasise the natural materials and warm colours. In addition to the elegant and unobtrusive ERCO lighting tools, the homely feel of the clinic is emphasised by the sculpturally decorative luminaires from other sources, including light spheres and backlit wall surfaces.

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