Halle 32 restaurant, Gummersbach

When the steam boiler factory on the Steinmüller site in Gummersbach closed, only “Halle 32” remained intact and is now used as an event centre with restaurant. The primary concern of the architect in converting the industrial building was to maintain its character. Today, original rough brickwork, concrete and quarry stones are evidence of numerous extension and structural alteration works, the crane runway and the roof construction underlining the former charm of the twelve metre high hall.

The lighting concept accentuates special features of the industrial architecture and allows for different usage scenarios. By design, there are no decorative luminaires above the tables; instead, directional luminaires from the Optec range were mounted in-between the acoustic elements on the ceiling. Creating an evocative ambience while illuminating the seating areas, the luminaires are just as suited for use at events. Optec satisfies the different lighting requirements with interchangeable Spherolit lenses and diverse light distributions. In narrow spot version, the luminaires can be aligned precisely to illuminate the tables even from a great height, providing glare-free visual comfort. Optec spotlights mounted on track and fitted to steel girders under the ceiling bring out the different fabrics of the building through uniform wallwashing and striking grazing light, thereby enhancing their three-dimensionality. The imposing steel girders on the ground floor are illuminated effectively using Beamer projectors, which correspond optimally with the industrial character of the structural elements. Sophisticated in every detail, the lighting concept uses LED technology to ensure low energy consumption despite exceptional luminous efficacy.

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