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Public – light for outdoor facilities, bridges and memorials

Lighting for outdoor facilities, plazas, bridges and monuments

Light makes urban spaces perceptible at night

Parks, public places, monuments and façades shape the face of a city at night with their illumination. Their light provides orientation for diverse user groups, contributes to safety, enhances spatial details through accentuation, and creates atmosphere. ERCO lighting tools for the outdoor area are designed to define urban space after dark with exceptionally efficient LED light and are optimally shielded to recede unobtrusively into the background.

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ERCO illuminates over 3500 transport and sports facilities, squares and monuments worldwide. ERCO's professional lighting tools facilitate effective lighting solutions to produce an optimal environment for life and work.

Tips for lighting design

Whoever uses light to design urban space at night takes on responsibility. On the one hand, illuminated landmarks can make a strong statement – with the dramatic accentuation of a peace memorial, for instance, or the discreet floodlighting of an old flak bunker. On the other hand, illumination in outdoor areas must provide safety and facilitate orientation without disturbing the environment with light pollution.
Light in public places must be highly efficient from both economic and ecological aspects. This requires precise light guidance. Good glare control of the LED light of ERCO luminaires without spill light ensures that the light is emitted efficiently to shine exactly where it is needed, thereby making obstacles on the ground visible while leaving the starry sky dark.


Effective illumination for façades

Illuminated surfaces in the outdoor area define spatial proportions and reveal boundaries. Lighting design for façades takes account of the fact that our visual perception is dominated by vertical planes, which makes them appear brighter to us than horizontal surfaces and therefore of greater relevance. Lighting accents structure large surfaces and emphasise architectural elements such as columns or cornices. Grazing light wallwashing is ideal to bring out even the finest details and patterns, such as the textures of wood, slate or natural stone façades, to produce a relief-like effect. In order to avoid light smog, the luminaires must offer good glare control without emitting spill light.


Using light to provide orientation

Light which is positioned around buildings, to illuminate car parks, for example, or pathways and entrance areas, must in the first instance ensure safety and orientation. Glare-free surroundings create optimum viewing conditions making it easy for the human eye to adapt to lower illuminance levels. Dark Sky technology ensures that the light is directed exactly where it is intended on the ground without randomly emitting spill light into the night sky.
Subtle floor lighting using façade luminaires or bollards positioned on the sides, for instance, ideally illuminates the floor surface. A wide light distribution with uniform LED light enables an efficient design solution that allows luminaires to be spaced far apart. Dark Sky techology ensures that the light is directed where it is intended on the ground and stands apart from the separate façade lighting. As slim objects defining the area, bollard luminaires additionally act as robust design elements delineating and structuring spaces.


Light for nature in an urban context

Illuminated plants attract the attention of the observer, thereby determining the atmosphere and perception of the exterior. Trees as objects in the wider space become visible from several sides. Light positioned close to the trunk grounds the tree – the crown appears to shine from within. The further away the luminaires are placed from the trunk, the more intense the crown seems to be outlined. “Moonlighting”, in contrast, adds a natural effect whereby spotlights mounted on façades illuminate the trees and bushes from above.


Economic and ecological advantages of LED light for the outdoor area

With growing awareness of the necessity to use our natural resources in a more efficient way, sustainability has become an increasingly important issue. Good glare control and optical devices that prevent spill light guide the light of ERCO luminaires precisely and efficiently to shine exactly where it is needed. Dark Sky technology in bollard luminaires and floor washlights ensures that no light is emitted above the horizontal plane, so that the starry sky remains perfectly visible. Low-loss Spherolit lenses and optimised thermal management for outdoor applications ensure high luminous efficacy in the long term. In addition, the robust LED luminaires are, by and large, maintenance-free.


Robust and weather-resistant

Outdoor luminaires are developed specially to meet the requirements of light in an urban context. Protected against corrosion and water, they are mounted in special recessed housings that can be driven over by vehicles. Adjustable recessed luminaires, such as grazing light wallwashers, can be aligned precisely even when mounted in a closed housing.

Suitable lighting tools

ERCO outdoor luminaires are developed specially to meet the requirements of light in an urban context. Protected against corrosion and water, the luminaires are mounted in special recessed housings that can be driven over by vehicles. As in-ground and façade luminaires they integrate unobtrusively into any surroundings, whereas bollard luminaires themselves function as objects defining the area.
ERCO’s Dark Sky technololgy offers an effective answer to the current challenge of light pollution in towns and cities, ensuring that the light is directed precisely and uniformly where it is intended, emitting no spill light above the horizontal plane. The glare-free wallwashers and spotlights are ideal tools to structure space without spill light disturbing the environment around them. Grazing light wallwashers accentuate surface texture on walls. Floor washlights and bollard luminaires direct the light onto the ground, guaranteeing safety in car parks and on pathways. ERCO’s LED lighting tools offer an exceptionally long life making the robust and maintenance-free luminaires ideal for use in the outdoor area.

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