Lanificio di Tollegno / Ragno concept store, Milan

The Concept Store of Lanificio di Tollegno and Ragno in Milan demonstrates, in a most vivid way, that the colour temperature can strongly affect the atmosphere in a room, yet remain entirely discreet. The shop’s architecture suggests a sense of sophistication that captures the essence of Italian fashion: a combination of traditional craft and casual elegance.

The two fashion labels are presented in separate shop sections: Whereas Tollegno emphasises the craft aspect using warm wood tones, an interior reminiscent of a workshop and details such as oversized reels of yarn, the shop design of Ragno is based on clear lines, Eames furniture, and fresh grey and white shades.

Most striking, however, is the difference in colour temperature in the two sections: Tollegno products are sharply accentuated and consistently illuminated with warm white light at 3000K for a cosily traditional atmosphere. The Ragno range, in contrast, is bathed in diffuse and cool light at 4000K for a younger, snazzy ambiance. In addition, Optec LED spotlights add to optimal illuminance for the diverse palette of colours and textures of the respective labels. ERCO’s flexible lighting tools subtly create a consistent setting throughout the Concept Store that allows customers to change quite naturally between the separate brand environments.

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