Mercedes showroom, Lugano

For more than 100 years, the Mercedes car brand has managed to balance consistent quality with technological change. This is reflected in the Mercedes showroom in Lugano, which ERCO has now retrofitted with highly efficient LED lighting.

At 4000K the vehicles are presented naturally in sharp focus using brilliant light. Sections with diffuse lighting and spots directing attention to individual models create the optimal atmosphere for the myth that is Mercedes.
The significant height of the room bore a challenge, as it complicated the precise accentuation of details such as material and colour patterns. In addition, the lighting needed to accommodate frequent rearrangement for ever new and surprising product displays. The answer to these demanding situations: Compact LED 40W 4000K wide flood in conjunction with Opton spot and wallwash, two maximum flexible and precise ERCO lighting tools. The lighting concept centres on the Compact LED 40W 4000K wide flood, integrated in suspended ceiling panels. The panels achieve several effects, as they give the ceiling a calm appearance while creating a modern and bright atmosphere in the room. Using sound-absorbing materials helped to optimise the acoustics.
Finally, ERCO integrated tracks to achieve maximum flexibility for accent lighting. The cool, technoid architecture of the showroom thus transformed into a cosy ambience that simultaneously presents a glamorous stage for the car models.

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