PUMA store, Berlin Mitte

Creating depth with ERCO light: PUMA Concept Store, Berlin

“Forever Faster” – PUMA has repositioned itself with the aim to become the fastest sports brand in the world. It is also the motif on which the retail design and lighting concept at the current PUMA Stores are based: targeted light accents guide customers through different sections of the space, highlighting goods, pictures and entire areas. In this way the perception-orientated lighting with Optec spotlights from ERCO creates dynamism, visual rhythm and depth. ERCO met Pablo Rodriguez, Global Head of Retail Environment at PUMA, at the new store on Hackescher Markt in the centre of Berlin. The retail design specialist with many years of experience in the fashion industry explains the global PUMA Store concept.

The new PUMA concept is telling the story behind the products.

Pablo Rodriguez, PUMA SE

In the past the sporting goods manufacturer PUMA primarily conveyed its brand image with the colour red. Following the brand relaunch in 2013, the focus switched to the brand story with its “Forever Faster” tagline. Pablo Rodriguez, Global Head of Retail Environment at PUMA, and his team have developed the new retail design that presents the idea of dynamism with contemporary forms of storytelling, supported by the lighting concept. “The new concept serves the product, it is telling the story behind the products,” Pablo Rodriguez says, and continues: “Lighting is one of the most important components because it drives the storytelling and creates the right mood.”

PUMA retail design: urban sportswear in various zones

The global store concept foresees that the space is split into different, clearly defined zones, irrespective of the local architectural conditions. These zones make the brand story visible using different design elements in a quasi three-dimensional chapter.
In the Greeting Area the brand’s professional approach is demonstrated. Here visitors are received by stadium-type lighting from four spotlights, with “spot” light distribution, guiding the eye to a display dummy getting set to sprint. In the centre of the sales area is the Footwear Wall, an evenly lit wall, illuminated with oval flood and narrow spot light distribution. This is where the latest sports shoe collections –the core product of the PUMA brand – are displayed on filigree shelving, where they appear to float in the air as if by magic.

The DNA Wall, for its part, stands for the sport brand’s long and consistent success story. It shows a photo gallery with portraits of prominent brand ambassadors such as Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and German tennis player Boris Becker – in dramatic, razor-sharp accent light with narrow spot lens. The display dummies too, positioned in small teams in the dynamic poses of starting or sprinting runners and who seem to be interacting with each other, are presented using contrast-rich accents with spot and oval flood light distribution patterns. Only one area of the store stands out because of its white walls and all-white interior design: the Select Zone, where a stage is provided for PUMA’s special partnerships with fashion designers.

Structure through perception hierarchies

The room division by means of steel frames and mesh, and reinforced by the structuring perception hierarchies of the lighting concept, shapes the architecture and creates an urban atmosphere. The different light distributions produce a sense of depth, a visual rhythm in the store, that draw the visitor into the PUMA brand world: larger spotlights on the display dummies animate the space while the narrow, highly contrasting accents on the wall encourage the observer to focus on the “DNA Wall”. The “Footwear Wall” in turn attracts the customer’s attention because of its evenly distributed vertical illuminance. In this way the perception-orientated lighting concept produces movement in the architecture whilst simultaneously creating a diverse brand experience for the PUMA sports brand. “If you walk through the store, you have different layers of stories. Without the lighting it would be difficult to set the correct emphasises,” Rodriguez says.

Modelling with light

As different as the individual zones are, the product is always in the foreground: ERCO spotlights set off the sports fashion against neutral, stark architecture.
The goods, arranged by sports and target groups, are displayed on metal tables and hanging on the wall in rectangular frames which are illuminated with various light distributions from spot to wallwash. With 4000K colour temperature appearance, the powerful neutral white ERCO light brilliantly accentuates product details and contours and sets off the broad spectrum of vibrant colours and high-tech materials against the cool background. “With the right light composition we can not only showcase the product but also the features and the benefits of the product, the different materials and the technology of the textiles,” explains Pablo Rodriguez.

Lighting is one of the most important components because it drives the storytelling and creates the right mood.

Pablo Rodriguez, PUMA SE

Sustainable consumption with PUMA

Last but not least, this approach meets the requirements for sustainable lighting that conserves resources: thanks to the efficiency of ERCO LED lighting technology and because of the targeted lighting of the desired zones, energy consumption has been reduced to 10.8W/m². “We use only the latest ERCO LED technology because of the lighting quality and the technology, the changeable lenses and above all because of the low energy consumption. We care about the resources in the world, and an energy consumption from 8 to 11W/m² is amazing,” Pablo Rodriguez confirms.