ZARA, Via del Corso

For many years now, ZARA has worked closely with ERCO for optimal lighting concepts - most recently in Rome for currently its largest store worldwide.

The new store on Via del Corso catches the eye not only for its sheer size (over 3000m²), but also for its architecture: The Palazzo Bocconi, which dates back to 1887 and was previously occupied by the La Rinascente department store, was redesigned by Milan-based architectural firm Duccio Grassi in line with the provisions of the preservation order. The building was refurbished with the aim of meeting the standards required to obtain a LEED platinum certificate: on average, the new eco flagship store now uses 70% less water and 30% less energy per year than a conventional store. Along with the materials, heating and air conditioning, it is the building's lighting system with efficient visual comfort that plays a key role in this.

The perception-oriented lighting design creates an attractive ambience and reduces energy usage. The most important light component is lighting for vertical product presentation areas provided by Optec spotlights and floodlights for metal halide lamps. A further aspect of ZARA's sustainability programme is using 35W metal halide lamps as standard lamp types instead of 70W versions. Even with these lower lamp wattages, ERCO's efficient Spherolit reflector technology produces a defined, uniform beam for high-contrast accent lighting. Bright surfaces and the use of daylight through perforated wall elements further contribute to a bright atmosphere.

Shop window design is a central element of ZARA's brand communication. The frequently changing decoration is devised and the details worked out at the group's headquarters - this includes the lighting, which in Rome features Optec low-voltage halogen spotlights, so the illuminances can easily be balanced through dimming of the spots.

The lighting concept is primarily based on accentuation of products, the mannequins, tables and shelves. Only special functional zones such as areas close to the escalators or the pay desks are given additional ambient lighting through Quintessence downlights for metal halide lamps. The designers opted for the high-quality square version mounted flush into the ceiling.

Via del Corso 189, 00187 Rome, Italy

Architect of Palazzo Bocconi: Giulio de Angelis (1845-1906)

Architecture (refurbishment) and lighting design: Duccio Grassi Architects, Milan/Reggio Emilia

ZARA project team:
José Froján, Mabel Segui, Estudio ZARA, Arteixo

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