Multifunctional ERCO LED lighting for elite coiffeur school: the Aldo Coppola Academy in Milano

Aldo Coppola is a premium hairstyling company named after its founder, possibly the most famous Italian hairstylist in the world. Founded in 1966, and further developed in 1986 by Aldo Coppola Jr with a new corporate philosophy and new directly-owned salons, it has become a benchmark in the world of beauty, working together with the most important fashion brands, photographers and magazines of the world.

The Academy is a multifunctional space in the heart of Milano where the most talented students are taught the Aldo Coppola work method. In its 1000sqm space take place lessons, conferences and various kind of academic activities that require a versatile and natural looking lighting. Based on ERCO Optec spotlights and Skim downlights, the lighting design was developed by ERCO in close contact with the Company.