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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Professionals in the regional sales organisations

As a professional in the sales organisations, you represent our company. You are in daily contact with our customers, know their wishes and interests and match these to our wide spectrum of products.

At ERCO, you can be sure that we trust you to do a great deal in this respect. And that you can act independently – with a lot of support and excellent training from us. If you have a passion for light, can leave the familiar behind you, would like to work with the very best experts in the industry and can quickly adapt to changing situations, you'll find the right environment with us. See for yourself.

Professionals in the sales organisations
Professionals in the sales organisations

General tasks of the sales companies

ERCO is represented around the world by 10 local sales subsidiaries. These subsidiaries or Regional Sales Organisations (RSO's) represent the link between the headquarters in Lüdenscheid, Germany and the global ERCO market.

Customer acquisition, support for regular customers as well as project and chain business—such are the core tasks of our regional sales organisations. The RSO's work on lighting projects for ERCO by designing specific lighting solutions together with architects and lighting designers and implementing these with the support of wholesalers and installers.

Through their regional presence and the resulting knowledge of local market conditions and customer requirements, the RSO's guarantee optimum service and thus create the necessary proximity to customers.

The organisational structure of the RSO's is divided into the following positions:
- Management
- Sales Team
- Lighting Design
- Customer Service
- Finance/Administration
- Field Marketing

Organisational structure

Professionals in the sales organisations

Sales Team
"Consultant to the consultant” – this is how ERCO defines the role of the sales team employee in the construction process. With their high level of customer orientation, they develop high-quality and economical solutions in the lighting sector.
The Sales Team identifies the latest trends and is also the interface between the market and the company.
Tasks are mainly to maintain customer contacts and acquire new customers and new projects (in construction). The clientele primarily includes architects, lighting designers, engineering offices, construction departments of public authorities and institutions, wholesalers, installers and building owners.
In addition to classic sales work, ERCO Sales Teams also provide photometric consulting and actively support projects from the design phase through tendering and sampling to project planning.

Professionals in the sales organisations

Lighting Design
Lighting Design at ERCO develops excellent lighting solutions in close cooperation with Sales and the customer. The focus is always on customer requirements. It is crucial to translate customer wishes into the right lighting tools in order to develop customised lighting concepts. Lighting designers are familiar with the ERCO product portfolio and assess the desired products for suitability, possible applications and technical feasibility on a project-by-project basis. If customer requirements exceed the standard, they also develop individual, unique lighting concepts and product concepts.

Professionals in the sales organisations

Customer Service
Our Customer Service Team is at the customer's side throughout the entire project sequence with advice and support – from customer inquiries regarding prices to shipping times and after sales tasks, the team offers a comprehensive service and therefore ensures customer satisfaction. Customer Service is also in close contact with the various specialist divisions and coordinates the various processes from the RSO's, such as dispatching the finished lighting tools to the respective customer.

Professionals in the sales organisations

Finance Administration
The Finance Administration division is broad and diverse: the focus is primarily on financial and controlling topics, such as annual and monthly financial statements or budget and earnings planning.
Due to its affinity for numbers the preparation of business assessments for Finance Administration employees is a matter of course, as is the creation of reports on cost development and the monitoring of payment transactions.
The division is also responsible for coordinating RSO-internal processes.

Professionals in the sales organisations

Field Marketing
Uniform and global as well as concentrated and local – this is how ERCO Marketing is structured. Global activities are controlled from the headquarters whilst local measures are carried out locally in the RSOs. This is where our Field Marketing comes in. Each market has different focuses and requirements, and our Field Marketers take care of strengthening the presence of the ERCO brand on location. They develop strategies for lead generation – that is, acquiring new customer contacts – and also ensure that global marketing strategies are implemented in the various country markets. They also support their Sales and Lighting Design Team with marketing material, organise showroom events and local trade shows and do PR and networking with the local media.

Professionals in the sales organisations

Personal development

Our sales companies operate in more than 60 countries worldwide, and we attach great importance to diversity and tolerance as well as openness to cultural influences from all regions of the world.
New employees benefit from our international orientation. As part of a wide-ranging familiarisation programme, they get to know our products and processes in Sales and establish international contacts at an early stage. They are supported and trained by a local trainer during the entire familiarisation period. 
During our one-week "New Employee Training" at our headquarters in Lüdenscheid Germany, all international colleagues become acquainted with the headquarters, all general processes and all relevant contact personnel there.

For further career progress at ERCO, our in-house training division at the headquarters offers a wide range of opportunities for further training. These training courses are individually adapted to the needs of the employees and carried out by our own employees or external instructors.
In an annual development interview with the executive manager, personal goals are defined and employees receive comprehensive feedback about their performance and potential. Based on this, development and further training opportunities are defined as measures for personal advancement.

For an unsolicited application, please contact the responsible sales company directly. All contact details can be found here.




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