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Technical environment
Technical environment
Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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People at ERCO

People at ERCO

Pupils & students

Getting a new machine up and running can be a real feat of strength for the entire team. It's then a great feeling to finally see it in operation.

Sonja Berges - electronics technician for operating technology

When I started looking for an apprenticeship after finishing school I was particularly interested in vocations with a technical focus. My mother actually drew my attention to ERCO at the time. After I'd looked at the website I became curious and didn't have to think long about sending in an application. I've now been working at ERCO since January 2019 as a trained electronics technician for operating technology. The training itself was a valuable experience, because it was highly varied and went beyond just technical topics. I participated in a lot of exciting events with the other apprentices, and there was also a great range of things to do together in my free time as well. That's how we quickly developed into a real team that sticks together.

People at ERCO

The trust placed in me since the beginning of my professional career motivates me every day to progress with my tasks.

Felix Linnepe - joint degree student, plastics engineering

I was interested in technical subjects when I was at school. When I was in tenth grade there were several short presentations by various companies, along with a lecture by ERCO on the plastics engineering dual course of studies. I remembered the lecture so well that one thing was clear to me after completing my secondary education: I'd send my first application to ERCO. The plan worked out well, and parallel to my bachelor's degree in plastics technology at the South-Westphalian technical university I started training as a tool mechanic for mould technology at ERCO. I liked the educational mix a lot, because I could gain valuable practical experience right from the start in the ERCO training workshop and as part of the training courses. Since I passed the final examination I've now gone through various departments and got to know many processes. I feel very comfortable at ERCO above all because there are always new and interesting topics coming up, the team spirit is very important there, and I have the chance to consistently develop myself.

People at ERCO

What I liked right from the start was the close communication with the other apprentices – we were able to support each other if we had questions about the training or studies, and that was very helpful.

Lars Dittrich – joint degree student, Business Engineering

I started my training as an industrial clerk at ERCO in 2015 at the same time as my joint studies in business engineering. During my apprenticeship I was able to gain insights into the different ERCO divisions, because as an apprentice you get to know all the departments and their areas of responsibility. What I liked right from the start was the close communication with the other trainees – we were able to support each other if we had questions about the training or studies, and that was very helpful.
After completing my training I worked in Lean Management for two years. I'm now working in the Quality Excellence division, meaning in Quality Management.

ERCO is constantly striving to improve itself and also has the resources to take on highly interesting and future-oriented projects. This results in a lot of opportunities where you can contribute your own ideas. I also like the cooperation with the different specialist departments in the company. Over time this has developed into a good network, meaning in turn that the work is always very varied.

People at ERCO

The ERCO family get-together in the summer was the perfect opportunity to introduce my family in a relaxed atmosphere and get to know my colleagues even better.

Claudia Scholten – employee in Supply Chain Management

Career starters

I'd already completed an internship at ERCO during my economics studies at Dortmund Technical University. I was also able to visit Light + Building during that period – astimulating trade show that lets you think outside the box! I've now completed my Master's degree and am starting as an employee in Supply Chain Management at ERCO. The activities are highly varied thanks to various tasks and project work. What I also like about working at ERCO is that there are many group activities above and beyond the day-to-day work. The ERCO family get-together in the summer was the perfect opportunity to introduce my family in a relaxed atmosphere and get to know my colleagues even better." I look forward to the pleasant working atmosphere and with a high level of cooperation. ERCO has the ideal company size – there are good opportunities for advancement and in a family-based environment – it's simply a good combination.

People at ERCO

During my time I've witnessed the exciting technology shift from conventional lighting to LED.

Johannes Heratsch – Systems Engineer in Electronics Development

My name's Johannes Heratsch, I was born in 1986, I'm married and also a soon-to-be father of two children. After training as an image & sound media designer I studied electrical engineering at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University. When I applied for a practical semester at ERCO I immediately received positive feedback, so that I did my internship in Electronics Development there. During this period I witnessed the exciting technological transition from conventional lighting to LED. After successfully completing my studies I then joined ERCO as a systems engineer, and I can now play an active role in designing new lighting solutions. Digitalisation in particular offers a wide range of exciting possibilities in this field.

I like working at ERCO because the tasks are interesting and also challenging. There are a lot of possibilities for further development. These include individual training courses as well as a six-month junior employee development program during which I was able to work on a project together with colleagues from different areas of the company.

What I particularly like about ERCO is that I can work very independently and there's also a lot of freedom. Thanks to the possibility of home office and flexible work times, I can combine my work very well with my family. I also have great colleagues and I feel very well supported due to regular, confidential discussions and communication with my supervisor.

People at ERCO

At ERCO I learn a lot about the culture and working methods in a well-structured German company. Despite that though, from time to time I can draw on my culturally innate ability to improvise.

Caterina Galliani – Project Coordinator for approvals


My name is Caterina Galliani and I'm an energetic Italian, although my Italian family always says that I'm almost "too well-organised in the German way". I initially came into contact with ERCO in my role as a service provider with my previous employer. It was through this professional connection that I came to accept a position as Project Coordinator at ERCO in Lüdenscheid.

I feel very comfortable here, I'm motivated and also feel valued. I have great colleagues and a very friendly boss with whom I enjoy working every day. Coordinating the projects is also very interesting and varied. I like both the technical themes in product development and the special projects. I like to use my language skills and I use my contacts for international approvals.

At ERCO I learn a lot about the culture and working methods in a well-structured German company. Despite that though, from time to time I can bring in my culturally innate ability to improvise. I believe that I'm the first ERCO employee to be hired from abroadand can say that it's enriching for both sides.

People at ERCO

At ERCO we can all actively shape the company and its success.

Jens Dieckmann - Deputy Head of the Production and Toolmaking Division

Technologically challenging products and processes, internationality and the right size of company – these were the decisive criteria for me in my search for a potential mid-sized employer. I discovered the ERCO company in an employer ranking and then researched it extensively. I was then able to apply successfully for an advertised position as a group leader.

Since I joined ERCO I've really appreciated one attitude in particular: the striving for excellence that's reflected in the overall direction of the company – from strategy to operational implementation. At the same time, all processes at ERCO are so well established that even complex tasks can be carried out with a high level of certainty. I also appreciate the flexibility of a medium-sized company like ERCO. This is reflected for example in the fact that the company is continuously realigning itself to the market and technological environment as well as in its processes, and also that decisions can be made and implemented comparatively quickly. As a result, existing situations are optimised in all areas and new ideas are consistently established.

When I'm at work I experience my tasks as being highly varied and interesting. Above all though, I spend time with colleagues who also enjoy coming to work, getting involved and creating an environment with their personalities in which it's simply fun to work.

People at ERCO

Professionals in the sales organisations

When I talk or work with colleagues across our national borders, I feel the same fire everywhere for implementing customer-oriented lighting solutions.

Roland Heusser – Sales Director Switzerland

As a Regional Manager I'm responsible for ERCO Sales Management Switzerland, and also directly for the German-speaking Switzerland / Ticino sales team. In my leading position I work together with an extraordinary team. For me it's a privilege to be part of a well-functioning community of interesting people from different backgrounds. I originally came from the electrical planning sectorand have now been in the lighting industry for 21 years. I still remember well how, in the first discussions, I immediately noticed that ERCO's successful concept was not only down to the quality of the lighting technology and luminaires, but, to a large extent, also due the passionate conviction with which everyone in the company operates. That impressed me as much back then as it does now, five years later.

We handle a variety of projects ranging from offices and shops to museums, galleries, administrative buildings and schools. These are exciting areas of application and you are constantly learning.. ERCO also regularly invests in the further training of its employees. For example I recently took part in a workshop on communication, motivation and entrepreneurship. The workshop was not only instructive in terms of content, but also a very good experience thanks to good interaction in the workshop. And actually that's also what connects us all at ERCO around the globe: when I talk or work with colleagues across our national borders, I feel the same fire everywhere for implementing customer-oriented lighting solutions.

People at ERCO

I had the chance to support incredible projects designed by masters of contemporary architecture.

Luis Baharona – Lighting Designer (Regional Sales Organisation Asia Pacific)

My Name is Luis Barahona, I’m an architect and lighting designer and I’ve been working for ERCO for a total 17 years and based in Singapore for almost 13 years. I’ve known ERCO since I worked as an architect in Berlin. The lighting philosophy of ERCO was always enlightening for me, and I soon became part of the overseas team as lighting design support and technical support at ERCO in Lüdenscheid. Today as a local sales trainer and technical manager in the Asia Pacific, I support our clients and colleagues providing advice about the right way to use ERCO products in projects, and coordinating customised lighting solutions for projects in Asia and the Middle East.

During my time at ERCO, I had the chance to support incredible projects designed by masters of contemporary architecture and advising on the proper way to illuminate art in many public museums, galleries and private art collections. The right use of architectural lighting for enhancing spaces and creating locations to admire art, and thereby contributing to the community, is very rewarding. But most importantly for me are my colleagues – I really enjoy working with them. On the one side the sales team, customer service, finance and administration and the lighting design team, and on the other side our factory colleagues. We all work together to support our projects. Gaining good feedback from ERCO users, clients and local partners is always good, and shows that we as a team can deliver high quality architectural lighting.

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