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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Working at ERCO

We at ERCO think that freedom and personal responsibility are very important in order to grow beyond oneself. It's the reason why we simply let people get things done for us as if ERCO were "their" company. Because we have a great deal of faith in our colleagues. And we trust them completely to always do their best. To do what is good for ERCO, the members of their team and ultimately also for themselves.
In this way even the unusual can be successfully accomplished. And not least because we at ERCO are always there for each other.
It is precisely this sense of community that encourages each and every one of us to help in the shaping and determining of our company. Every day.

Light is the fourth dimension of architecture - we make society and architecture better with light!

Corporate culture

Our vision
The world around us is three-dimensional. At ERCO we understand light as an independent, fourth dimension of architecture. By this we mean that our lighting solutions lend buildings, offices and outdoor facilities an additional design dimension and also give added value to the people who use them on a daily basis. This is our vision of making architecture and society better through light.​

Our core values
As an innovative company, ERCO is constantly changing. In this environment in particular, common values are extremely important for all employees. They convey trust, cohesion and security for working together. Above all though, they create identification – for all current and future employees worldwide.


Lead your team, lead yourself, and manage your business.

Mission statements for employees & managers
Our values are supplemented by our mission statements for employees and executive managers. All employees are subject to our principles of cooperation which focus on a philosophy of team spirit, personal development and our commitment to performance orientation.
We define uniform and binding expectations for managers in our management mission statement.

Working at ERCO

World of work

With around 550 employees, ERCO is one of the major employers at its Lüdenscheid location. In addition, there is a network of around 300 employees in the ten sales subsidiaries across the world. ERCO thus presents itself as a dynamic "micro-group" with the short distances of a mid-sized company due to its characteristic combination of internationality and manageability.

Learn more about our sales organisations here.

Working at ERCO
Working at ERCO
Working at ERCO

We see it as a task of the company to offer our employees a working environment that promotes and demands performance and personal development. As a mid-sized company, we offer an extraordinarily broad spectrum of different entry opportunities and options for further development.
And because we want to become better every day, training and further education are an absolute priority for us. In other words, we are both a teaching and a learning organisation.
Established processes and agile work go hand in hand for us. New project structures and methods not only make us more efficient, but also support creativity and are simultaneously a lot of fun.

The concise, objective image that unites ERCO worldwide is a further substantial component of our working world and permeates all of the company's structures.
At our location in Lüdenscheid, Germany, administration, development, procurement and production work together in a highly successful way. They are all governed by the claim to develop optimal solutions for the needs of our customers. This in turn enables us to offer our employees long-term employment prospects.

A focus on development
We are constantly developing. Mutual feedback, shapes our cooperation across all hierarchical levels. And we reinvent ourselves as a company again and again: for example in the ERCO Ideas Workshop, a creative workshop environment at our headquarters that provides scope for creative and disruptive solutions. Or through an exchange among each other, with partners and other companies.

Right at the start of employment at ERCO, a systematic familiarisation programme takes place lasting several weeks for all new employees. Our annual development meetings serve as a basis for the professional and personal development of our employees. Regardless of the division in which they work, the development of each and every individual is a central goal of all our executive managers.
Our comprehensive internal seminar programme for all ERCO employees takes into account not only various technical themes and ERCO-specific events, but also current developments such as Industry 4.0 and digitisation. Our internal training programmes (for example LEAN Expert training) serve to raise the level of qualification and create space and mindsets for innovation and development.

Working at ERCO

Work and leisure
At ERCO, the work-life balance of all employees is highly important to us. In order to successfully bring together the needs of professional life, leisure and family, we have created contemporary structures and offers:
a flexible working time model that has been tried and tested for years in all areas of the company without core working hours and the option of taking full days off via time credits.
We also offer everyday support services such as the in-house parcel pick-up service for private mail, free external employee advice (EAP), business bike leasing, company health and disability insurance and a home office option for suitable workplaces.

Take a look at the video of our family party from 2018.

Working at ERCO

Sustainable in health and environment

Our company health management helps employees to stay fit or to become fit: we offer a comprehensive programme with a balanced diet in our attractive company canteen, company sports facilities including an in-house fitness room, and a wide range of measures for consultation and health prevention with various external partners.

Working at ERCO

ERCO acts responsibly in dealing with resources such as raw materials and energy – in all areas of the company. Our products are durable, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. They are produced as resource-saving as possible. Aspects such as daylight architecture, the integration of solar systems and green roofs as well as a near-natural landscape design with our own bee colonies testify to a sustainable concept of architecture.

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ERCO wins awards

Benchmarks are important for us because we are convinced that they will help us to develop further and continually provide us with new impetus. As a result of this we have received several awards.

We offer the following career opportunities at ERCO:




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