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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Vertical lighting: wallwashing for more orientation and a higher perception of brightness


Vertical lighting, also called wallwashing, is a central component of lighting design according to the principles of Human Centric Lighting. Uniformly and brightly illuminated walls are able to fulfil different tasks. They provide orientation in the room, create visual expanse and emphasise the texture of the wall, for example in the form of grazing light. The effect of illuminated walls can be used both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, vertical lighting emphasises relevant areas of the architecture and gives rooms a sense of expanse. Outside, facade lighting defines squares and open spaces and thus frames the space.

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Overview on the topic of vertical lighting

What does uniform vertical lighting look like?

Uniform vertical lighting defines the spatial environment. Good wallwasher optics are characterised by the fact that the light starts directly below the ceiling and, even with larger luminaire spacing, good horizontal uniformity is achieved in addition to vertical uniformity. A uniform distribution of brightness from the ceiling to the floor emphasises walls as a whole. Wallwashing with high uniformity is suitable in galleries and museums for illuminating works of art, in foyers for creating a wide and prestigious impression of the space, and in offices for softening the contrast between backlit monitors and the prevailing brightness in the room.

What is vertical lighting for corridors?

Corridors often seem dark because, in compliance with normative specifications, only the floor is illuminated. However, a lighting concept that resolves the problem with illuminated walls transforms a corridor into a visually bright and expansive space.

Ideal luminaires for narrow corridors are double wallwashers. These illuminate the opposite walls of corridors from one luminaire. The uniform brightness from ceiling to floor creates a wide impression of space. The clear structuring of the room and the ceiling serves to support orientation. Double wallwashers are particularly suitable for corridors and hallways in hotels, administrative buildings and health and care facilities.

What is grazing light wallwashing?

Grazing light is a special form of vertical lighting. The luminaire is positioned directly in front of the wall, emphasising the material and surface texture of the wall. The close position of the luminaire in front of the wall means special optics are required. So-called grazing light wallwashers project the light far along the vertical axis without creating a blob of light, a so-called hot spot, directly above the luminaire. Natural stone and wood textures in particular can be highlighted well with grazing light as vertical lighting.

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Further topics on lighting design

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