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Technical environment
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Hospitality – light for hotels and restaurants

Indoor and outdoor lighting for hotels, bars, restaurants, wellness facilities, swimming pools, sports facilities and stadiums

Digital light for gastronomy, sport and wellness

Gastronomy projects today are a testing ground and platform for new ideas, concepts and trends: The promise of exquisite cuisine is underlined by an interior of unique character. Be it design hotels, themed restaurants or temporary bars: Every concept applied to gastronomy requires a scenic frame to carry and communicate the relevant theme. ERCO provides architectural lighting solutions with a diversity of scenographic options for room situations that convey enjoyment and pleasure.

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ERCO illuminates over 3800 hotels and restaurants worldwide. International brands from 5-star hotels to local cafés have opted for ERCO´s lighting tools and expertise to ensure professional lighting in their establishments.

Tips for lighting design

Those who want to transform gastronomy concepts into an experience of enjoyment and pleasure will need to think light in different dimensions. In the first place, light determines the underlying ambience in the room, but in equal measure, it seeks to enhance the appetising presentation of dishes in every detail using perfectly harmonising light. Be it accentuated or uniform, open or intimate, cosily warm or dynamically cool – light provides the right scenic frame for gastronomy, hotel or wellness concepts. Space-defining wallwashing combined with lighting accents guides the visitor safely through the premises and establishes a connection between the different spatial zones. With soft start technology, dimmer settings below 1% and colour mixing in the luminaire, ERCO’s lighting tools have all the qualities to excel in hospitality applications.



The first and crucial impression of hotels and restaurants is formed before entering, when the guest sees the hotel from afar as they approach the building. Façade lighting that harmonises with the hotel architecture and scenic light for the driveway are a pleasant and welcoming gesture inviting the guest to enter the hotel.


Enjoying food in good light

Good food, drinks, scintillating conversation and a pleasant ambience - these are the crucial factors in the running and design of a restaurant. Factors which also define its lighting requirements: good light on the table for the meals and drinks, visibility of the people at the table, and adequate lighting in the room.


LED technology for energy savings

Excellent luminous efficacy and long life of the LED enable efficient lighting solutions. Its brilliant light and good colour rendition also make it an ideal choice for the dynamic lighting of rooms and materials.


Creating atmosphere with scenography

Scenographic light in gastronomy uses a coherent dramatisation to provide the customer with an experience that engages all their senses. Light, space and time combine with culinary delights to result in an all-embracing concept. A flexibly controlled lighting control system ensures that scenographic lighting effects are easy to create.


Welcoming guests in a suitable setting

Similar to an overture, the lobby introduces the theme of the hotel and communicates to the guests the atmosphere provided for their stay. Suitably distributed light allows important areas – such as the reception – to be highlighted for orientation and quiet seating areas defined as private zones with low lighting levels.


Promoting relaxation

In the wellness area of a hotel, guests looking to relax first and foremost expect atmospheric lighting. They want to immerse themselves in a room that allows them to leave behind the stresses of the day and provides soothing light. Diffuse light creates a soft mood. Individual accents from direction luminaires add interesting contrasts.

Suitable lighting tools

The minimalist style of ERCO’s lighting tools combined with diverse mounting options and a modular system of light distributions offer lighting solutions for qualitative lighting design in hotels, gastronomy and wellness projects. ERCO’s downlight ranges illuminate reception and dining areas, kitches and corridors efficiently and precisely. The highly exact, brilliant beam of the pendant luminaires creates privacy in service areas as effectively as in intimate dinner settings. Wallwashers determine the level of brightness and give the impression of expanse even in confined spaces. Grazing light wallwashers with asymmetrical lens systems illuminate walls homogeneously even when positioned close to the wall. The narrow beam scenically enhances the surface of the wall with dramatic light and shadow effects. Spotlights with interchangeable Spherolit lenses ensure maximum flexibility for eye-catching accents.

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