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Living – light for residential spaces

Indoor and outdoor lighting for living areas, health establishments and care facilities

Digital light for private living and care

Designing the places in which we live deserves our full attention, as they mirror our attitude to life and provide a place of refuge from everyday life. At home, we want to be with people we love and value. Working, eating, reading, sleeping, playing, thinking – hardly any other place combines such diversity of functions on so small a space as the place in which we live. ERCO lighting solutions bring this flexibility to any situation. Wallwashers, ceiling washlights and downlights in a compact shape make room to live even in confined spaces – with brilliant and warm LED light reliably creating an atmosphere of individuality and wellbeing.

Worldwide ERCO projects in the sector Living

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ERCO illuminates over 13400 projects in the living segment worldwide. ERCO’s versatile lighting tools create a pleasant ambience in living spaces and bedrooms as well as in the garden. The map shows a selection of projects.

Tips for lighting design

Light comes out of the ceiling, hangs on the ceiling, sits in or one the wall, stands on the table or on the ground – homes very rarely have just one light source. Light scenes combine ambient lighting with accents, direct with indirect lighting. Lighting accents, created with a few simple means, lend character to a private residence: setting off the collector’s vase on the sideboard, adding a scenic frame to artwork on the wall or making a feature of the dining table. General lighting provides overall brightness – but more than that, vertical illuminance achieves an expansive spatial impression and determines our perception of brightness.
With age especially, light effectively becomes vital; wallwashing combined with accent lighting creates optimum visual conditions in retirement homes. Bright and pleasantly illuminated rooms with balanced brightness contrasts convey a sense of security.


Light for big and small tasks

In few other areas does light need to suit such a wide range of activities in so small a space as in the home. From the kitchen, where spices are measured meticulously but also lively dinners are held. In the living room, where the whole family celebrates and plays but also gathers to relax on the sofa. The best example is the living room as the place in our home where we settle into a comfy chair with a good book but also celebrate in style with the whole family. Differentiated lighting design and LED photometrics offer the perfect solution to meet these apparently contrary requirements: uniform vertical illuminance defines the brightness in the room; precise accent lighting creates hierarchies and provides the necessary visibility on writing and work surfaces. Light islands set off seating areas or reading corners scenically from other areas of the room. A further key factor is the color temperature of the lighting, optionally generating cosy warm white light or dynamically fresh neutral white light.


Quality of light is quality of life

The demands placed on the quality of light in the lighting design for living spaces differs little from the requirements of high-end restaurants, wellness applications or galleries. Good color rendition ensures that our food looks appetizing, the mirror reflects our authentic self and we can judge the color of our outfit correctly. Luminaires with warm white light emphasize the character of the living space and can generally be dimmed with standard dimmers.


Using light to create space

Vertical illuminance achieves sustainable ambient lighting in private residences more effectively than horizontal light of the same connected load, by optimizing the spatial impression of brightness. In addition, it gives small rooms and narrow hallways a higher and more spacious appearance. Thanks to the brilliance and uniformity of LED light, wallwashing adds a decorative effect to shelves and, for example, makes book spines easy to read.


Using light to show personality

The light island for the reading corner, a sharp-edged spot for the new photo on the wall, the linear beam for brilliant light when cooking: “focal glow” plays a more prominent role in private residences than “ambient luminescence”, which provides general lighting for orientation. Accent lighting can underline the individual character of a room efficiently with a few simple means: houseplants, artwork and other objects are emphasized precisely with different light distributions and brightness contrasts. LED light is also ideal for modelling objects brilliantly giving them an almost three-dimensional appearance or to make a feature of materials and surface textures of leather, wood or glass. Light scenes help to structure the light in a room in order to serve different purposes: when dimmed, the brilliant light of the pendant luminaire transforms a temporary workplace into a dinner table; and in the evening, accent lighting on a painting shifts the focus away from the area around the window and onto the artwork.

Suitable lighting tools

ERCO’s Spherolit spotlights help to create an individual ambience in the home. Wallwashers, on the other hand, can make smaller homes appear larger and brighter. The pendant luminaires in ERCO’s range add an elegant eye-catcher, their perfect color rendition and brilliance suited as much for a family meal as for an intimate dinner for two. The light distributions can be adjusted to the shape of the table. Spotlights mounted on track offer flexibility for those who like to redecorate: easy to rearrange without tools, they can be realigned, dimmed manually and equipped with different ERCO lenses. Downlights, floor and wall washlights illuminate hallways and staircases with optimum efficiency. Picture-perfect light is the promise that ERCO’s lighting solutions keep with LED technology and a specially developed lens system. Exceptional energy efficiency and low maintenance of the LED lighting tools combine to deliver economical illumination.

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