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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Illuminating the Community
Modern Approach to Community Lighting

What binds our communities together?

Not least the communal buildings in which people as visitors, students, citizens or politicians move, gather and exchange information. Buildings for public administration, educational facilities, theatre, congress centres, railway stations and airports: their architecture, equipment and condition reflect the needs and reality of a society. Creating new features or maintaining existing structures provides both opportunities and responsibilities for planners and designers. Care and quality in all planning aspects are decisive. Light assumes much more than just functional tasks – it also determines the character and representative symbolic force of public buildings.

University of Bath, School of Management Building

First Class Lighting for The University of Bath

ERCO Lighting UK are proud to work on community projects across the UK and Ireland. Projects such as the University of Bath and most recently the School of Management Building. Effective lighting with high visual comfort has been integrated to create a future-oriented university building for staff, students and business professionals.

ERCO’s Quintessence luminaire works with the natural light entering from the glass atrium, dimming and brightening to flow with the natural circadian rhythm of the day. The lighting approach promotes visual comfort and energy efficiency, without compromising on light quality. Skim's bring a focused dynamic, providing a zonal lighting approach above desks and workspaces for the School of Management. Throughout the space, light is only used where it is needed, achieving an efficient and sustainable working environment.

This use of holistic and low-energy design, is demonstrated through the building achieving an as-built EPC A rating. This has provided the University with a low-carbon building that is also efficient to operate.

The School of Management Building, is truly a remarkable and future proof addition to the prestigious University of Bath. ERCO's solutions contribute to maximise the flexibility of the space, whilst providing the highest quality of light, which integrates seamlessly with the architecture. The need for flexibility and high sustainability standards characterises the architecture and the lighting solutions, to create a community hub for students and staff.

Newcastle Cathedral

Future-proof Illumination for Newcastle Cathedral

There is a new, sustainable, human centric and future-proof light in this 14th Century Cathedral, in which functionality of the space is communicated, through artistic vision and practicality. ERCO and Casambi have worked together to marry these elements creating a place of worship, a beacon of hope and a space for the community to thrive. This modern approach to community lighting has shone a new light on the Cathedral and what it means to the people of Newcastle. The Cathedral is more than just a building, it is made by the people, and the new human centric illumination elevates this to create an inclusive space, connecting people from across the community.

LED solutions such as Parscan, Optec and Gimbal, have resulted in a sustainable and energy-efficient lighting scheme. The new light within the Cathedral has given the staff full flexibility over the Cathedral and its functions. The luminaires are low maintenance and fully integrated with Casambi bluetooth technology, enabling Cathedral staff to create scenes at the touch of a button and go from Midnight Mass to a Rock Concert. For more information on this project, click here.

The line follows the architecture, the light follows the application

Perfect for public buildings is the the brand new Invia luminaire. Lines lend dynamism to architecture and emphasise spatial dimensions. ERCO combines the continuous line with a fully comprehensive toolbox of light distributions. This makes Invia 48V a light structure that impresses both as a design element and for any lighting task.

Luminaires and architecture become a single entity. Illuminate rooms up to 8m high, such as atriums and foyers, efficiently and with high visual comfort. The 70° wide flood distribution is also available in a version with extra high luminous flux.

Discover more on Invia and our other community solutions here.

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