Car dealership

Effective illumination for vehicles

Lighting in car dealerships focuses on the presentation of vehicles and accessories, but in equal measure on the atmosphere in the room so as to enhance the brand image. Shiny spots on the cars create an attractive impression and bring out both the material quality and the car's shape. A natural impression is added through bright, spatial reflections above the vehicle's horizon to draw an analogy to the sky outside. This is accomplished by illuminating large areas of the walls or ceilings. Mounted on the ceiling, the spotlights in the showroom enable flexible lighting to accommodate the changing positions of the vehicles. Narrow beams emphasise striking details on cars and other exhibits. Wallwashers brighten the surroundings to produce a wider impression of the room.

Overall lighting concept

The differentiated lighting using spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers enables a professional illumination of the vehicles and the architecture. The brightness contrast of accent lighting on the cars and ambient lighting in the room directs the focus onto the vehicles. Spatial depth is created by adding different accents in the foreground and background.

Accentuating the car corners

Four spotlights with spot characteristic each directed onto a corner of the car produce an eye-catcher for presentation of the car and create shiny spots on the vehicle surface.

Accentuating the car sides

Two spotlights with flood characteristic directed onto either side of the car emphasise the long sides of the vehicle and accentuate its horizon line.

Floodlighting for counter and accessories

Spotlights with oval flood characteristic are used to emphasise long elements such as counters and the platforms for accessories.

Wallwashing of the counter

Uniform wallwashing behind the counter contributes to a bright spatial impression and lends greater importance to the information zone at the counter.

Accentuating the car background

Illuminating the background of the vehicles creates spatial depth. Here, too, accent lighting is added by four spotlights with spot characteristic per vehicle corner and two additional spots with flood characteristic for the long sides.

Accentuating the logo

The logo on the wall section is emphasised using a spotlight with spot characteristic.

Ambient lighting

The spotlights pointing downwards produce ambient lighting at the car dealership. They create a balanced contrast between the accentuated exhibits and the surroundings.

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