Company foyer - Product presentation

Foyers and reception areas in companies should help visitors first and foremost to find their bearings. Often, they are also used for product presentations. Both can be aided by using appropriate lighting. In high ceilings, the inconspicuous recessed ceiling luminaires remain far outside the line of vision, thus supporting the effective separation of light source and lighting effect. Directional luminaires accentuate the reception desk and the smaller exhibits. Flood light distribution is used for the large objects. The wallwashers emphasise the depth of the room by lighting the vertical surfaces.

Differentiated lighting

Accent light is combined with floodlight and wallwashers to produce a balanced and differentiated lighting solution. The lighting supports the different functional zones of reception, small and large displays.

Accent lighting: narrow spot 1

Recessed spotlights are used to effectively stage the exhibits and create rich contrasts. The "narrow spot" light distribution makes it possible to bridge even large ceiling heights and emphasise each object individually by using narrow light beams.

Accent lighting: narrow spot 2

The recessed spotlights arranged in a circle above the reception desk form a strong brightness contrast to the surroundings. Due to the ceiling height, it is advisable to use a "narrow spot" light distribution to illuminate only the desk.

Floodlighting: oval flood

Larger objects require floodlighting. The "oval flood" characteristic produces an oblong light distribution which efficiently illuminates objects of the same shape.


The uniform vertical illumination creates depth and provides a calm background. The wallwashers are arranged on the ceiling and underneath the gallery.

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