Fashion store

Light for product presentation: Illumination of space and textiles.

Textiles are presented most effectively through brilliance and modelling. The directed light of compact lamps such as LEDs defines the shape and material of the garments through brightness contrasts and brilliant effects. Luminaires mounted on tracks provide the required level of flexibility to readjust the luminaires for seasonally changing product presentations. Spotlights for accent lighting accentuate the products or decorational objects. Floodlights appropriately highlight the racks. Wallwashers produce a pleasant level of brightness in the room.

Overall lighting concept

A differentiated lighting concept with accent lighting, floodlighting and wallwashing efficiently illuminates the different zones and objects and ensures good visual comfort.

Floodlighting: oval flood

Oval light beams are ideal for the efficient illumination of long objects such as racks or product tables. A single oval flood luminaire replaces several luminaires with round, narrow beams of light. The directed light produces excellent modelling and brilliance effects on the textiles.

Accent lighting: spot

The narrow "spot" beam highlights written or decorational elements through rich contrasts.

Accent lighting: wide flood

The general lighting of the floor also comes from spotlights mounted on tracks. The wide beam light distribution results in a uniform illumination of the floor.


The vertical illuminance gives the impression of spaciousness and produces a pleasant atmosphere in the room.

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