Light and dark

Bright rooms raise associations with the day giving objects spatial presence, whereas darkness is linked to themes such as night, calmness and security. If light and dark are arranged too closely together, the impressions alternate between the two opposites. The luminous ceiling produces a soft light for ambient lighting, comparable with the diffuse light of the overcast sky. In addition, daylight enters the room from the left. The wallwashing defines the verticals in the room. To add scenic lighting to eye-catching features, the accent light from the spotlights emphasises individual objects, and pendant luminaires accentuate the table.

Light: Scene 1

The even brightness impression that extends over the floor, wall and ceiling is aimed at revealing the room as a whole. The bright luminous ceiling produces a scene analogous to an overcast sky bringing diffuse light into the room. By contrast, the wallwashing allows the textured wall to be recognised. To direct the viewer?s attention to the objects next to the fireplace, spotlights accentuate the individual items, using brightness contrast to distinguish them from the surroundings.

Light: Scene 2

Despite the high level of daylight brightness, the light coming in through the window is not sufficient to make the entire room appear bright. The light from the downlights and pendant luminaires lends presence to the seating around the table and provides ample lighting for communication.

Dark: Scene 1

If the room were to be completely unlit as dusk falls, it would hardly be possible to recognise space, shapes and materials. Yet just a few accents are all that is required to reveal the spatial structure. Eye-catching features, which simultaneously provide a point of reference for spatial depth, are produced by the fire and the accent light on the objects next to the fireplace. With their narrow beams, the pendant luminaires above the table and the spotlights add accents in the middle ground and foreground without detracting from the dark ambience.

Dark: Scene 2

In very dark ambient settings, even a low brightness level is sufficient to attract one's attention. The constantly flickering flames also ensure that the eyes are drawn towards this feature.

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