Multifunctional room: Gala

Festive lighting for gala events in hotels

Festive lighting is focused on providing a scenic setting for guests and room. For a gala event, the room has been provided with round tables and leaves space at the back for dancing or music. Light helps to create islands for private conversations, but also dramatic eye-catchers in the room. During the day, natural light shines into the room from the left. The lighting is composed of different components which are easily adjusted for a differentiated lighting design using the lighting control system: accent lighting for the tables, wallwashing to mark out the walls, cove lighting along the ceiling, and pendant luminaires as decorative eye-catchers.

Overall lighting concept: Day

Illuminating the walls during the day creates a pleasant balance to the high luminances along the window side and gives the impression of spaciousness. Accent lighting produces brilliant effects on the tables.

Overall lighting concept: Evening

Illuminating the tables creates private zones in the room. Decorative details such as the cove lighting on the ceiling and the suspended luminaires add to a festive setting. The dimmed wallwashing subtly marks out the walls. In this way, the focus remains on the tables without creating the impression of darkness in the room.

Overall lighting concept: Projection

Interchangeable gobo motifs help flexibly communicate the themes of events. Rotating these gobos creates dynamic lighting effects - either in slow motion for a discreet background or in speedy progression for a more spirited appearance.

Overall lighting concept: Coloured lighting

The coloured wallwashing with the projections produces a vivid atmosphere full of contrasts. Neutral accent lighting provides brilliant light for objects on the tables and ensures a good colour rendition in a colourful environment.

Accent lighting

The adjustable aim of the directional luminaires on the ceiling allows the beams to be adjusted to any table arrangement. The directed light achieves brilliance and a good modelling effect. The light islands create a private atmosphere at the tables.


The vertical lighting gives the impression of spaciousness in the room and through diffuse reflection on the wall gently brightens the room. In white, it produces neutral background lighting, while as coloured wallwashing it can become a prominent element in a scenic lighting concept with sharp contrasts.


The gobo projections create a decorative eye-catcher. Through appropriate selection of motifs, the concepts can be visually enhanced for festivities. Depending on the speed of the Goborotators, the dynamics created in the room can be either subtle or strong.

Cove lighting

The cove lighting forms a decorative detail and underlines the ceiling structure. It lends the room the impression of height and produces diffuse ambient lighting.

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