Foreground and background

The impression of proximity and depth can be either intensified or reduced with light. Bright objects attract attention and therefore appear closer than unlit objects. This means that the impression of perspective in a room or space can be shaped by the brightness distribution between foreground, middle ground and background. Here, projectors accentuate the sculpture standing in the foreground, while floodlights illuminate the trees in the middle ground. The uniform, vertical illumination of the building in the background is provided by wallwashers.

Foreground, middle ground and background

A balanced perspective is produced when the elements from the foreground to the background are scenically illuminated. The effect of depth can be enhanced by graduating the brightness from the foreground out to the background.

Foreground and middle ground

The concentration of light on the foreground and middle ground causes the background to recede into the depths and attracts the focus of perception towards the front.

Foreground and background

To create spatial depth, it is sufficient to have a bright foreground and a visible background. The dark middle ground clearly separates the front and rear sections of the image and the facade lighting results in the trees being silhouetted.


The accent on the sculpture attracts the viewer's attention to the foreground. The image planes that are further away remain in darkness.

Middle ground

By only lighting the trees, the space appears wider than when the focus is on the foreground. Since only one plane of the image is apparent, the scene lacks any real spatial depth.


The concentration on the facade lighting emphasises the rear plane of the image and provides an indication of the depth of the garden. The uniform illumination of the background results in the objects in front only being recognisable as shadowy silhouettes.

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