Spatial representation and analysis of light

While the spatial representations of simulation programs reproduce the illuminance levels in a room by way of diagrams, they also provide a visual impression of the lighting concept. In contrast to the drawing, the computer graphic furnishes objective information, as it is based on precise calculations.

Qualitative simulation

The light simulation for qualitative representations focuses on portraying atmosphere. The spatial perspective provides an accurate impression useful for the presentation of the lighting design. The degree of detailing can include photorealistic illustrations.

Quantitative simulation

The quantitative simulation is used for the analysis of a lighting design. It determines the physically correct numerical values for specific visual tasks. The simulation also helps to check compliance with requirements specified in standards, such as uniformity of illuminance. A further effective visualisation method is false-colour diagrams which allow levels to be represented through a colour scale.



Animation combines individual images generated through simulation to produce a film. It is ideal to demonstrate dynamic lighting effects. Animations where either the camera angle remains the same but the lighting changes or the lighting stays the same but the camera is moved are comparatively simple. Animations where both the lighting and the camera position change are far more complex since each individual image of the film has to be recalculated. The alternative is to use special video post-editing processes.

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