Illumination of vertical surfaces

Vertical illuminance defines and structures spatial situations. It makes a significant contribution to the impression of brightness in a space and to a feeling of security.

Uniform wallwashing

Uniform vertical illuminance defines the spatial environment. A uniform brightness distribution from ceiling to floor emphasises walls as a whole. Wallwashing with a high degree of uniformity is ideal for museums to illuminate artwork, in salesrooms for shelf lighting or in foyers to create the impression of a wide and representational space.

Wallwashing with focal emphasis

Wallwashing with focal emphasis complements the uniform wallwashing by adding a highlight in the upper third of the illuminated wall. This type of lighting is suitable, for instance, for the efficient illumination of displays above shelving in salesrooms.

Wallwashing for corridors

Wallwashing for corridors provides highly uniform illumination for two parallel running walls. The uniform illuminance distribution from ceiling to floor conveys a wide impression. The clear structure of the room facilitates orientation. Wallwashing for corridors is particularly suited for halls and passageways in hotels, administrative buildings or health and care facilities.

Wallwashing with ambient lighting

Wallwashing with ambient lighting complements the uniform wallwashing by adding horizontal ambient lighting. This type of lighting forges a link between the vertical illuminance on the surrounding surfaces and the ambient lighting provided by downlights in the centre of the room. In salesrooms, both shelves and tables in front of the wall can be illuminated.

Grazing light wallwashing

Grazing light emphasises the material and surface texture of walls. Positioning the luminaire close to the wall produces a graduation of brightness on the vertical axis. Grazing light impressively brings out the texture of natural stone or wood.

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