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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Lightcast. LED relighting solution

Simple modernisation of existing systems with ERCO Lightcast

Lightcast recessed ceiling luminaires with LED enable the modernisation of existing Lightcast lighting installations using conventional light sources such as halogen lamps, high pressure discharge lamps or compact fluorescent lamps. Your advantages:

  • Identical light distributions
  • Identical installation dimensions
  • Reuse of installation components
  • Optimised lighting technology
  • High visual comfort
  • Reduction of operating costs
Picture for Lightcast exchange

We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about replacements.

Your advantages when relighting with Lightcast LED


Identical light distributions

Because new Lightcast LED luminaires have the same light distribution as the previous luminaires with conventional lamps, no new lighting design is needed. This means you can replace the luminaires directly without having to change the lighting concept.


Downlights with 60° and 90° light distribution

Lightcast recessed luminaires with 60° are particularly suitable for high rooms because their narrow light beam provides a high level of visual comfort. The version with 90° distribution is ideal for high cylindrical illuminance levels in conference rooms.


Mounting enclosure can be re-used

Thanks to identical outer dimensions of the Lightcast LED construction, the mounting rings and mounting enclosure can be reused for easy installation of the recessed luminaires. This minimises time and costs during upgrading.


Saving energy via LED

With the new LED version of Lightcast, significant energy savings can be achieved compared to existing systems fitted with halogen lamps. Lightcast enables energy consumption to be reduced by up to 80%. The long service life of LEDs also significantly cuts maintenance costs.


Optimised lighting technology

Thanks to Lightcast's new LED technology, the luminaires achieve a higher light output ratio. A lower luminous flux compared to the original recessed luminaires with conventional lamps is therefore sufficient to achieve the same illuminance.


Maintaining high visual comfort

Lightcast luminaires with conventional lamps impressed with high visual comfort. With a cut-off angle of 40°, the new LED technology also offers the same visual comfort.

Lightcast in the application

Lightcast: System overview


lightcast system overview
60 degree light distribution
Light distribution for downlights: wide flood 60°
60° distribution is suitable for high rooms with high visual comfort requirements.
90 degree light distribution
Light distribution for downlights: extra wide flood 90°
In meeting rooms the extra wide flood distribution achieves good facial recognition.
lightcast system overview

Modernise your existing Lightcast installation

We advise you on relighting

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