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Technical environment

Technical environment

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Working together successfully

So that suppliers become partners

Successful cooperation means above all trust. Trust comes about when both sides pursue the same goal – long-term, predictable partnership. To secure this for ERCO and for suitable suppliers, we have developed a holistic system that professionally supervises and optimises supplier relationships throughout the entire process and makes common development possible: ERCO Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).

ERCO SRM is based on the three core areas of portfolio management, supplier collaboration and risk management. The pursuit of excellence via the implementation of lean principles and a customer-supplier relationship based on partnership at eye level is an essential principle.
The objective: providing an excellent value creation network in which internal and external processes are combined without loss in order to generate joint, long-term success. For both sides.

Working together successfully

Portfolio Management

Innovative strength, technological expertise and enthusiasm for new challenges. These are all values that characterise ERCO. This is the reason why we work with suppliers who think and act in the same way. As part of portfolio management, we control the dynamic development

of the supplier base so that we can always utilise partners best suited for the specific solution. Portfolio management comprises integrated processes such as supplier potential analysis, supplier segmentation and supplier evaluation.

Working together successfully

Risk Management

ManagementThe success of a value creation chain can be affected by unexpected events. ERCO has developed holistic, phase-related Life Cycle Risk Management to safeguard the joint processes. The methods are geared to the specific risk potential of the individual product life phases and

are flanked by risk analyses. This enables us to analyse procurement processes from different perspectives and identify potential risks. To manage risks together before they occur.

Working together successfully

Supplier Collaboration

To achieve optimal results and short process times, the close cooperation of the individual project partners is of high importance. Supplier collaboration ensures the early networking of all participants in the value creation network. The results are processes that span interfaces without waste,

with optimisation of material flows and data flows, and with a uniform understanding of processes and synchronised maturity levels. Or in short: a partnership that makes the work on both sides more successful.

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