Furniture store

The criteria for lighting a furniture studio include attractive staging of the furniture and differentiation of the room. Luminaires for tracks allow flexible adaptation of the lighting design when using changing display concepts. Narrow-beam light distributions are used for accentuation. Floodlights illuminate larger sections. Wallwashers underline the room structure.

Ambient luminescence and focal glow

Wallwashing gives the room a bright impression and provides basic lighting as "ambient luminescence". Spotlights and floodlights create a "focal glow" for optimal presentation of the furniture. The directed light ensures excellent modelling through the contrast of light and shadow.

Accent light: spot

The spotlights highlight individual objects in the area by using accent light. This creates a hierarchy of perception which direct the attention of customers and points to special products. Accents in the foreground and the back emphasise the depth of the room.

Accent light: wide flood

The "wide flood" light distribution is used to illuminate large objects such as the wall element in the background.

Floodlighting: oval flood

The "oval flood" floodlight provides attractive effects for oblong objects. A row of oval light beams as a strip of light can also be used to mark routes.


The vertical lighting links foreground and back. Uniform washlighting produces a calm background for highly effective display lighting.

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